How to set the height of a bicycle saddle at home

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Struggling with discomfort from a sitting position that hurts your bones and knees. That’s why it’s very important to adjust the height of the saddle, this is a completely simple thing you can do at home to be able to make adjustments to your own car. Please refer to the article below to self-refine saddle height Please.

1.The importance of setting the bike saddle height

Setting the saddle height correctly is for comfort and at the same time it can help prevent injuries and deliver the best performance. It is also a cornerstone for choosing a bike. good.

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The height of the saddle determines the bike’s comfort

This is not a common job done by professional cyclists. The wrong adjustment can cause the riders to get to see if the riders get the wrong adjustments or warning signs in them often knee pain. The better news is that the right guidance is quite easy for you to tune in at home.

If we were able to talk to professional riders, they said that setting saddle height is the most important part because you need to have comfortable riding positions that will make you go long. and push harder. The correct ride allows you to ride longer and provides increased strength, reducing compression injuries from riding too low and the stress problems of riding high. In fact, cycling does not cause any injuries unless you fall off your bike.

Seat height is the distance between the base of the bottom frame and the center of the saddle. Seat height measurement is clearly the distance between the center of the bottom frame and the center of the seat.

2. How to set saddle height at home

How can that be Bicycle saddle height setting yes, there are a lot of formula and calculation methods. Make your heel sit right in the center of the pedal shaft, run the pedal down to the farthest point and turn the hand to fit the seat.

In this position, your legs are fully extended without causing your hips to swing from side to side. It’s popular for everyone to be able to reach the pedal. The hips are neutral, but the tendons are as stretched as possible. When you return to the corner, the foot creates a right angle at the knee. This is the gold standard method and it is important not to stop there. It is the gold standard method. But it is important not to stop there.

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At the foot position at the highest point of rotation at the right angle at the knee area

Another thing to check is the back, experts also advise that when sitting on the saddle, drop your legs straight. The knee fits the foot ball and the ball should be on the shaft of the pedal system.

When this is done, you should repeat the saddle height test and move forward to shorten the angle and vice versa.

During the test, if you feel the saddle is too low, move your seat millimeters up and check the comfort, until comfort is reached stop.

If you go too high you will notice the immediate difference that your hips can swing back and forth in the saddle and of course you will see the tension behind the knees. You can pedal with the pedal when it reaches the lowest point of its rotation. If you go too low, your knees will contract and the compression in the knee can cause discomfort in your knee joints.


-Please sit on the bike and perform your saddle setup as the position of the coach

Release the pedal at the lowest point of the rotation corresponding to when you are sitting on the saddle.

-Put heel on your pedal shaft, legs completely straight

-When you press the foot on it will give you a perfect starting point

Do the front as well as the rear check, you should have a straight line from the knee cap to the foot cap that you should sit on the pedal.

-If you make front and rear adjustments and repeat the seat height check, please refine but make any changes in 1mm increments.

3.Set the saddle height using math formula

If you are a fan of math and formulas, there is another method that can be done with the measurement method.

To find the starting figure, stand with your hip-foot width at the mental level between your legs, marking a point on the wall as you sit. Please record the distance from the floor to the point. Then multiply this number by 09 to give you up to 90%.

How to set a bike saddle height at home -3
Good location gives you more power even if you’re not a pro

Measure your seam using a mental level then apply to your saddle height.

This is due to the fact that basic mathematical bases bring high accuracy. Bicyclists also experience different muscle strains. So for a mobile cyclist the saddle height might be too low for them. For a somewhat muscular person this might feel like too tall.

The heel-on-pedal method can count as a person as a mobile person with completely straight legs while a tight person will have a little flex. It doesn’t seem like the formula but there will also be a big difference. The heel method on the pedal method may be the best choice for those looking for a bike in the most comfortable way. However there are many factors associated with the ideal bike. There’s a point when you need a professional cyclist to learn and test their skills.

If you are not comfortable, it will be perfect for your bike. There are too many factors that can be involved such as tilt, front and rear tilt position, whether this provides effective brake lever adjustment.

Each saddle will also have different but not significant adjustments, if the wrong saddle settings will also have a great impact on your lower back.

The front and rear are really different, especially the positions that are going as far and as low as possible. You have requirements to fully rotate your pelvis. You should have guarantees that the rider can maintain that position and power. You really do know that with a professional bike as well.

These are the extremely basic tutorials, if you are a novice ride a sports bike then you should immediately refer to how to adjust and self-adjust your car to bring the most comfortable ride.

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