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UPDATE: 8-15-2013 Final found some information about the bicycle when in was original. It ‘s a 1969 All-Pro Dragster III. It was precisely like the Huffy Dragster III, lone labeled as an “ All-Pro ” for Kmart. Plus, my Schwinn stingray after it was a 1973 and I know I had this All-Pro for more than 2 years. And, I found the Aggressor MX 20×2.125 front tire. still need the “ Mag ” front cog .

UPDATE: 1-22-2013  Tracked down a few more parts to make this a proper replica. Parts revised : 5 1/2 ” Ashtabula cranks, Schwinn Scrambler forks ( Ashtabula made ) refinished in original black oxide dip ( blueing ), Wald OG box bars, and a yellow vinyl snatch top tube pad. still looking for the Huffy “ magazine ” front sprocket and a Carlisle Aggressor MX 20 x 2.125 front tire .

UPDATE: 11-26-2012 I was talking with my parents on Thanksgiving and they told me I got the bicycle for my 5th birthday. That would have been September 1969. So that makes this a 1969 All-Pro Huffy frame. I ‘ve besides added vintage box handlebars .

Do n’t know 100 % if this was the frame or another I had back then. As it went, my Dad would n’t let me strip my Schwinn Stingray. so I dragged out this frame. It was my beginning new motorcycle, a Kmart All Pro ( Huffy ) 3-speed “ dragster ” style with “ Hurst ” style gearshift on the top metro, white letter deceiver slick & front man tire, copycat hanger bars, sparkle banana buttocks, effeminate bar, “ muffler ” chainguard, and “ magazine wheel ” front sprocket .
( 1974-75 ) First, I repainted the ensnare with the leftover “ Schwinn ” metallic red paint from the recently refurbished Stingray. Next came the knobby tires I bought for the Stingray, but of course, did n’t fit. I mounted them on these wyrd looking wheels with thick spokes and dimples around the nipples. These wheels look like the wheels on my 1975 Honda XR75. The freewheel was credibly a Shimano ( not a lot else back then ). A acquaintance hooked me up with some used Tange forks that I painted compressed black. The bars were from a Schwinn I believe. They had a pinched crossbar to slide into the gooseneck opening. The gooseneck was purchased at the Schwinn denounce but was an Ashtabula that looked like the Schwinn ‘s, only flat black. The seat was a quilt 10-speed unit of measurement. Post and clamp were stock chrome steel.

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The Shimano “ Tourney ” brake and pry was from that lapp “ stripped ” 10-speed Euro-cruiser. My Dad made a bracket, tube, and bolt to hold the side-pull brake. The crossmember on the seatstays were drilled for a buffer, not a bracken. Plus, the brake was short for a Euro 10-speed .
Since I was already riding a motocross bicycle, I liked Moto-X-Fox and DG products. I stuck a Moto-X-Fox decal on the mind tube. last came the yellow pads, and a located of orange MX grips to keep with the Fox root. I loved this bicycle and finally sold the Stingray to buy more BMX parts. This bicycle went thru a bunch of changes in a few years until I got a ” real number ” BMX bicycle ( chrome GT ) .
step ahead to April 2011, cruising thru eBay I found a seller with some vintage Moto-X-Fox decals and the brain started spinning. so, I purchase 3 decals, a typeset of yellow vinyl snap pads, and a set of Ame “ cam ” orange grips ( the original type were orange Hunt-Wilde ‘s from the Schwinn shop, ca n’t find them now ). I dragged the frame and forks from the debris throng, stripped & painted them deoxyadenosine monophosphate near as I remember. The handlebars, zigzag, and front sprocket are from another “ junk ” motorcycle possibly a fiddling newer than this build era, but however very, very alike. The crank is a regenerate 7 1/2 ” non-Pro Ashtabula. I still need that Huffy “ dragster ” magazine bicycle front sprocket, if anyone might know where. New chrome sword ambush pedals, quiltted Troxel seat, mail, clamp, BB, and Kenda 20 x 2.125 knobby tires about precisely like the original Carlisle tires add to the goal. The Shimano Tourney brakes and pry were discovered at a local anesthetic Las Vegas motorcycle shop class. I used an Odyssey linear cable for condom along with new DiaCompe shoes. I got golden and found an NOS Ashtabula gooseneck, nice !

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The wheels were given to me by my ally Gary Pierce, owner of JustBMX in Las Vegas. They are original Femco wheels, precisely like what I started with back then. I pulled the axles to re-grease them to find out that they were dry and raw. These wheels are NOS and were never mounted or greased. score !
Riding this bicycle is a short funky due to the geometry and some parts. It makes me recall the days of building it in the first place, and sometimes wish I was there again. I ‘m thinking of building a imitate of it from later in it ‘s life when it was white with chrome GT forks, blue anodized parts, bootleg Skyway magazine, amobarbital sodium Comp 2 tires, Addicks blue nylon chainwheel, and blue Tuff nylon pedals .
I ‘ll post a painting of me riding the bicycle in the mid to late 1970 ‘s when my Mom finds it .

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