Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises

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You usually go out on a ride for a few hours or so while feeling strong. But as time goes on with a stress can be increased and gradually begins to develop in your lower back. Doing back exercises can help with stretching.

It is important to double-check the settings as you ride, the problem within you is the core. With a combination of in-depth exercises you can start paying more attention to your core using simple series of exercises that can stop back pain. Here are some ways you can do it too.


Try to do this about 2 to 3 times per week. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes per short workout. If you feel like you really can’t be bothered with the whole routine then just do a few of these exercises. They will help you get stronger and try for your entire cycling session if your back is a bigger problem when you ride.

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises 11
Lower back pain is common among cyclists

If you are really serious and important in categorizing strength as well as core flexibility, join yoga courses. Off-road riding is also a bicycle-related riding type that includes core strength. Balancing, adapting to rough trails instead of tens of thousands of miles in the same place on the road, will make you gradually become a better racer and can increase the strength even more More times to help you experience more enjoyable.

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2. Exercises

Before exercising you should consider and take note of the following:

Focus on breathing for comfort avoiding the temptation of your breath.

Perform pressing your small back to the floor while your back can resist back injuries

– Perform exercises more slowly and smoothly, avoiding any seizure, sudden effects.

-If you feel back pain when doing this, please stop and seek professional advice!

2.1 Siding

Lie on your back on the floor and choose your back to support

Perform your pelvic tilt by lifting your belly up while lying on your back with your legs carried in a 90 degree tilt. Lie on the floor with knees bent while pushing your back to the floor. This will help you flatten and absorb your abdominal muscles.

Try to keep your movements small while controlling the bottom parts of your back as well. Hold and lean forward for a few seconds then return to the starting position by rocking your pelvis as well as pushing your back to the floor.

Once you are comfortable with this move you can do a tilt while on the bike. And of course this seems to be a great way to help you avoid the stress of long trips, so do it slowly and with more control.

3.2 Lifting people

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises -2

Do curls in which you lift while lying on your back with your feet at a 90 degree angle. From a similar position push your back down to the floor. Perform these movements by slowing and pushing your hips towards the ceiling as this will cause your spine to leave the production.

Hold a position for the number of years, do the lowering so you can have better control and imagine that you are placing each vertebra individually and extending the spine. You should act slowly and have better controls.

3.3 Move like a Cat

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises -3

Crawl on the ground with your arms and knees, like a cat. Your back curves up and down while you imagine a string attached to your abdomen pulled up. When your back is arched, a string is pulling you down. Hold each position for a few seconds then return to the starting position.

3.4. Crunches

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises -4
Focus on the back hinge to fold the head up

Do this by lying on your back and use your abdominal muscles to lift your head and shoulders. Lie on your back with your bent knees and feet on the floor gently supporting your fingertips. Try pushing your back to the floor and try to maintain that feeling throughout your movement. Try to keep your head and neck relaxed and try to imagine an apple under your chin.

Raise the upper part about 30 degrees and keep the tension on your stomach. Get up to a level and keep the two ends lower can control a third for you. Do 10 to 15 more slowly and in control.

3.5 Extension movements

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises -5
Lie on your stomach on 2 toes to perform head and neck lifting

Below are the stretches, where you lie in front of you and then lift your torso. Toes are propped up, slowly arched up, lifting chest and abdomen up off the floor. Pause the up position before you return to the starting position. Do 10 -15 repetitions slowly and in control.

6. Plank moves

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises -6
Do a plank on your toes and support your elbows

Support your weight on your elbows and feet for support. Instead of supporting the weight on your hands, use your elbows. Keep your torso in a straight line position from head to heel. Avoid sagging in the middle as well as curving your buttocks. Please maintain and keep in a static position. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

3.7 Superman

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises 7
Perform arms and legs as superheroes fly

In order to be able to do the superman-like moves used on all arms and legs, then lift your right arm and left leg then swap specifically.

Start it all and focus as you join, you’ll be able to return to a more settled and happier return with your position lifting your right hand forward while extending your left foot backwards . Pause up and back slowly to the starting position and repeat while using the opposite arm and leg. Do this about 20 repetitions.

3.8 Sideplank

Improve back pain when riding a bike with 10 simple exercises 8
Plank moves with one side

Perform tilting your left arm and rising up to make your back an effective plank. Lean to one side, stacked supporting weight for forearm and elbow of one arm. Like a regular plank you are aiming for a straight line from your shoulder or leg. Avoid facing the ground by pulling your other arm up to the ceiling. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds on each side.

3.9 Bend over

Tilt and bend down 2 knees like a baby. This can also be a great relaxing yoga move by the curvature of your lower back. Get on your knees and sit back on your heels. Keep the back side in contact with your heels and bend forward forehead to the floor.
Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises 10
The bend is relaxing in place

As if you struggle to keep your position down between the same heels. Relaxing in a position of deep breathing or stretching your arms in front of your face simply allows you to rest in place. Hold your position between 30 and 60 seconds.

3.10 Low cobra position

Improve back pain when cycling with 10 simple exercises 10
Cobra moves in a low position

This is done so that you can lift your torso up in the front. Also another yoga pose this time working on the lower rear extension. Start in a manner similar to the rear extensions but place your elbows and forearms on the floor to support your torso. Do deep, stretched breathing and hold for between 30 and 60 seconds.

The above are quite simple exercises that are good for your back, not only help your back become less painful after long trips but also help your back muscles become more supple. If you are new to bicycling, please refer to and learn from the biker to be able to ride better.

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