Improve heel bone pain in women with sports bike

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For women, wearing high heels will be a great weapon, making them feel more confident and comfortable wearing their favorite clothes. Wearing high heels can help you be glamorous for women, but according to some health and health experts’ recommendations, too much heels will lead to conditions like degeneration. and causes arthritis heel pain How to best improve this condition, let’s refer to the helpful sharing below so that you can comfortably wear high heels without fear of foot pain.

1. Wearing high heels causes heel pain like?

But the demand for high heels of women has never decreased. You absolutely can see that women can wear high heels with a height of 10-20cm is normal. But the harmful effects of high heels to the body are immeasurable, the following bad effects will surprise you.

Improve symptoms of heel pain in women in high heels by cycling-1
The impact of the high heel shoes on the heel bone and toe skeletal system
  • The structure of the spine was completely changed

Spinal system with physiological curves like the body’s shock absorber system. The weight of the body is mainly on 2 legs, so when you wear high heels, the most impacted part is the heel. At this time, the nervous system around the heel is pinched the most, making you often feel pain and numbness.

Especially when walking on high and sharp heels, according to the natural reflex and inertia, the body must fall forward to be able to balance the legs to make us stand. Therefore, at this time, the natural structure of the spine is changed, causing bone pain and sciatica, leading to frequent back pain or sciatica symptoms.

  • Risks of osteoarthritis

High heels are also one of the enemies of osteoarthritis. Compared with men, the state of joint disease in women is clearly higher. Basically when wearing high heels, your knee will be in a bent position and the shinbone is in the opposite position of the knee, causing the joint in the middle of the knee to be under pressure, causing severe pain. more. In the long run, it has very unfortunate consequences.

High heels are quite special design, when walking on shoes that are too high from 10-20 cm, the body weight is put on the joints near the toes, causing them pain. You can see the deformation that makes the feet in some women become very rough, the toes can be crooked, the chin is very bad. In particular, the nervous system located at the tip of these feet is pinched, causing them to fall into a state heel bone pain and in the long run it can be quite numb during travel.

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  • Pain and stiffness in the ankle

A significant impact of the heel on the ankle causes the strength of the ankle joints to stiffen. The calf muscles at this time are also affected or not it makes them stiff and short and must create stability for the legs when standing up. The tendon system between the heel bone and calf is shortened, creating tension for too long, causing muscle fatigue quite a bit, causing you pain.

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Wearing high heels can cause a deformed foot

In many cases, the ankle is swollen and callus obstructing the blood flow down the legs. The great influence of high heels also makes women suffer from abdominal pain during menstruation, easy miscarriage, or menstrual disorders, early menopause.

On the market today, there are many medicinal products to prevent and treat bone and joint pain. Some of them are undeniably effective, but no matter how good the drug is, there are dangers. Stomach pain, liver heat and kidney toxicity are the 3 most common harms of drug abuse. Not to mention the phenomenon of “greasy medicine” – drinking is no longer effective, it is easier to feel pain than even a mild wound.

Improve symptoms of heel pain in women in high heels by cycling-3
Heel bone was severely injured

2.The cure for osteoarthritis pain in women is by cycling

Currently on the market there are also many remedies for heel bone pain in women. However, taking these remedies is not recommended for regular use because it can easily cause side symptoms in the body. It’s best to use natural methods like exercising for the best possible improvement.

In today’s sports buttocks such as swimming, walking, cycling are considered the most effective and positive methods for people suffering from osteoarthritis. Because when cycling, the body weight is not put on 2 legs like walking, you can completely integrate the method of cycling in everyday life such as shopping, going to work to be improved.

Improvement of heel pain symptoms in women wearing high heels by cycling-4
Cycling is considered to be an extremely effective method of improving heel pain in women

Just spending about 30 minutes a day to be able to cycle, on average, each week of cycling for 3-4 hours can bring many good benefits to your health.

One thing to note when cycling is that you should set up your bike properly with a standard riding position, so that that position can give you the most comfortable position for your back, steering wheel as well as legs. do not bend and bend the pillow but always stretch most comfortably.

Adjust the saddle properly to make the legs most comfortable, during the ride, if you notice the difference due to the adaptation of the foot to the height of the saddle, you can also customize to have a better fit.

Improvement of heel pain symptoms in women wearing high heels by cycling-5
Cycling also helps you get a slim and toned body

The saddle is an important part to help support almost all of the body weight. Thanks to that, you can be assured that the weight does not affect much and that the legs are not subjected to many other stresses from the body, which can completely minimize the major problems caused by the joints. If you leave the saddle too high, it will lead to the right leg and kick with your toes, causing pain.

If you want to confidently wear high heels every day without experiencing any other pain from knee pain, you can completely exercise daily by sports bike to improve and restore health every day. Let’s choose to buy the right sports bike with your body and start cycling from today!

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