Instructions for cleaning and maintenance of sports bicycle threads

Instructions for cleaning and maintenance of sports bicycle threads

Regular maintenance with sports bike threads will help them operate more smoothly and accurately during use.

Sports bicycle theme This is the part that helps you to perform rhythmic up and down movements at the front and rear discs to create the most appropriate movement for each type of terrain and road. So when using for a long time, the parts are loose, the screws are loose, the oil dry condition … makes the gear change difficult or no longer accurate and flexible like when you first bought it, that’s why you need regular attention and regular maintenance of bicycle threads.

For newbies when new buy a sports bike This job seems to be quite difficult when we have never ride a problem before. In order to make it easier for you World Bikes please guide you. Hopefully after this article, everyone can easily maintain their own car.

Cleaning and maintenance of bicycle threads
The subject plays an important role in the movement of the sports bike

Overview of the topic includes only 4 basic details that make up the title, the topic before and after, and the thread.

1. Prepare tools

Guidance on cleaning and maintenance of sports bicycle threads
Mini bike repair kit

In order to be able to check, clean and maintain the thread, it is impossible not to use support tools such as:

+ Screwdriver

+ Wrench

+ Cheap soft wipe

+ Lubricating oil (use specialized bicycle lubricating oil)

2. Carry out cleaning and maintenance

With the handle consisting of the left hand handle in charge of up and down the chain at the disc, the right hand handle is in charge of up and down the chain in a light and smooth manner. This part is usually less affected by dirt, sand or sand when walking in muddy roads as well as dust. However, after a long period of operation, the manual handle can be used a lot, which can cause warping or warping the levers now you have to carefully consider and adjust it properly, otherwise you can bring it to the bicycle shop. Sport thanks to the technical team to align and clean the details inside the hand topic.

You can use a towel to wipe the handpiece to prevent dust and dirt from sticking. .

This is the most carefully protected part with the sheath surrounding the wire. After a long period of use, the friction between this wire and the case increases, making it more difficult to troubleshoot. At this point, all you need to do is remove the wire and lubricate the brake cord to create brake lubrication.

Performing the task of pushing the chain up – down the disc, here includes the thread when you move a lot, adjust the screws H-L to, stretch and adjust the position of the car thread to be deviated during use. or not, if there is dirt on it or not, if there is, rinse the water gently from the top down to then wipe it off.

Instructions for cleaning and maintaining the sports scooter starter kit -2
The following threads for maintenance bikes are more complicated than the previous ones

+ The following topic:

This is the most intricate detail of the whole series. The task of the following topic is to push the chain up and down in the rear trunk. Due to many factors, the following topic can be covered with dust, dirt if possible, so disassemble the frame completely to clean it thoroughly if you have a little technical knowledge.

Otherwise, use a screwdriver with a small flat head to scrape away any dirt on the threads. Or use a specialized spray oil. When spraying, let the tubers run to give the stains a chance to run out. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the stains on the roots. Turn the wheel to apply the following lubricating oil so the oil can seep in. After using a soft rag, wipe off any excess oil.

Above are the basic guidelines that we give that you can refer to and apply. Usually it is less necessary to clean the thread than other components of the sport bicycle . In order for your bike to always function properly and smoothly you need to pay attention to the parts, sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance periodically 2-3 times / month. Because each part is closely related to each other and plays an important role in your experience.

If you are still concerned about the cleaning and maintenance of your sports bike, you can ask someone who is experienced. Sports bicycle maintenance consulting more carefully to years stronger on the line of sports bicycles, how to maintain the bike in the best and most durable.

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