Instructions for proper cleaning and oiling of bicycle chains

Instructions for proper cleaning and oiling of bicycle chains

For sports bicycle line – One of the most important and indispensable parts is the chain, thanks to it that we can move on the roads. Chains are essential and we need regular oil maintenance. Here is how to properly clean and lubricate we all learn:

1. Clean the bicycle chain

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Clean the bicycle chain with a special solvent

Cleaning the chain part is a bit more difficult because the grease needs to be removed from the bike and lubricated. These two essential types of products can help keep the chain moving smoothly and prevent the link from getting stuck. Here are step-by-step instructions to help clean the bike chain and keep it running smoothly:

  • First, use a sprinkler hose to spray dirt and mud. Choose a spray that is more moderate than the one with strong water pressure, because the water with strong spray pressure will be able to wash away a few small components on the car.
  • Set the gear on the chain so that it is easily accessible. That means you need to set the front sprocket on the top gear and the rear sprocket on the lowest gear.
  • Use hot water and a detergent or detergent to clean your bike, use a hard-bristle brush to scrub the leash – even an old brush to scour it. Be sure to thoroughly scrub all links. You will definitely notice a noticeable difference after you finish cleaning!
  • Apply the grease removal agent to the bicycle chain, making sure to check the chain links carefully. To ensure that excess oil and grease are removed if soap and water are not washed while washing the car, preventing the chain from getting stuck in motion.
  • Finally, apply lubrication to make the chain rotate smoothly. Use a dry cloth to wipe and reduce grease from the bike, make sure the chain part is clean and dry before applying some lubricant. If you add too little oil, the chain will still leak; too much will only accumulate dirt due to excess oil – so it is important to carefully read the directions on the bottle.

2.Training bicycle chain oil

First of all, we must choose the clean oil to put on the chain. Do not use waste oil because it will damage the chain faster.

How can oil be properly applied? This depends on your vehicle depending on the humidity or dryness of the chain, dust or sand will impact on so before you install the chain you should clean the chain with a cloth. , detergent or acid to clean the chain.

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check the right way
Do not apply oil if the chain is not cleaned

Next, you use a bottle of oil applied to the chain of each link, you drip a drop of oil and then you rotate the wheel.

Instructions for cleaning the chain
Performs while rotating the chain while reducing the oil

Next you wait 5 minutes for the oil to dry, then use a small clean cloth and wipe 1 time.

Where to invest
Use a dry chestnut or paper blotting excess oil

You can reapply the oil if you feel your chain is still dry and then use a cloth to remove any excess fat.

Hopefully, with your sharing about how to clean and maintain this chain, you can apply and use the chain which is more durable and effective.

If you are still poor in mechanical knowledge and maintenance you can consult sport bike engineering from experts and experienced people to be able to equip themselves with useful knowledge when using the vehicle.

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