Instructions for replacing brake levers on racing bikes

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Choosing a bike is a great way to get around the city. However, they can cause serious injuries in traffic if the brakes are not safe. In the following tutorial we will show you how replace brake lever On the racing bike allows you to upgrade or restore the system bicycle brake and ensure that your vehicle is operating at its best. This replacement can take up to 1-2 hours and you need the skills necessary for mechanical repair work. Get into practice as sooner or later your brakes need an upgrade.

1. Prepare tools to replace bicycle brake levers

To change your brake lever you need the following items:

• New brake levers
• A set of hexagon wrench
• Wrench

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers
Prepare tools such as brake levers, multi-function repair kit, mechanical gear …

The following tools are also useful, but are not necessary:

• Needle nose pliers
• Insulating tapes or the like
• A screwdriver

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-2
Pliers, screwdriver to tape ..
Instructions on how to replace racing bicycle brake levers
Ribbon handlebar

If you feel the old steering wheel is boring, then immediately replace and make your car with new tape.

• Drag
• New handlebars

2. Dismantle the old brake system

Step 1: Remove all the adhesive tape at Handerbars

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-4
Remove the tape attached to Handlebars

Observe the steering wheel and remove any tape that is blocking the brake lever. You can most likely only remove the tape cover by holding the end of the tape cassette and removing the tape from the control bar. For this process, you need to take the tape from the area where the brake lever levers to the end of the bar.

By dismantling it all, it allows you to be able to slide the brake lever at the end of the bar instead of the brake lever that is not large enough to slide through the tape system.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-5
The handlebar has been fully removed from the tape

If your brake is the type of wire where the brake cord is intended to run under the belt you will also need to remove the belt over the brake lever, in this case remove all the bar. If used to remove the tape, be careful not to pull on that could injure you if the ball slips.

Step 2: Disconnect to remove the brake cord

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-6
Use a spanner to loosen the brake pad nut

-Use a spanner to loosen the nut holding the brake cord into the brake part

Make sure the brake cable can be removed from the brake unit. In most cases you just need to make sure the bolts are loose enough to allow the brake cord to move freely and slide out.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-7
Pull the lever to expose the end of the brake cable

With a new slip in the line, pull in the brake lever, which will expose the brake cord end when it is held in the lever.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-8
Pull the cable slowly out of the case

– Gently shake the lever to loosen the brake cable from the cover, it will be easier if using the pliers tip to loosen the cable end.

If you replace the brakes at the same time remember which cables are the front and rear brakes because each cable has a different length and therefore they must be properly assembled.

Step 3: Remove the old brake lever

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-9
Use the hexagon to loosen the screws on the brake lever

Pull the brake to the inside position of the brake, use a 5mm hexagon to screw the screws. Be careful not to loosen the bolts too much. If you remove the bolts completely, be sure to leave the screws in the order specified for easy assembly later.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-10
Brakes have been completely removed from handlebars

If you want to replace a new cable with cable sheath, all that is needed is to wrap the cable sheath over the frame and cut them to size with a sharp cutters.

3. Install a new brake lever

Step 1: Install a new brake

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-11
Install new levers on handlebars

-Get the new lever to attach to the control bar and position it in the direction you want. You can loosen the metal strip holding the brake lever in place.

– Pull the brake inward to reveal the inside of the part to be assembled. Tighten the bolts with a suitable hexagonal tree. The screws should be tightened to make sure they do not slip or twist. Note that after step 5 it is difficult to access these bolts so be sure to tighten it now.

Step 2 Reconnect brake cables

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-12
Pull the brake lever to reveal the inner cable end

Pull the brake lever to the inside of the handlebar so that the inside of the cable assembly can be exposed.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-13
Slide the brake cable slowly through the inlet to the inside of the cable cover

-The cable will be inserted slowly into the cable sheath section until the end of the cable is in the cable sheath mounting end in place. There is only one correct direction until the core reaches the end of the cable sheath. One end of the cable core will be designed larger so that it can be located at the end of the cable sheath.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-14
The cable core end is located at the end of the cable sheath

Put the brake cable in the brake unit, place the brake cable through the hole in the bolt to connect to the brake unit.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-15
The cable core is fitted in the correct position through the cable body
Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-16
Use a wrench to tighten the screw on the cable core brake

Perform pulling on the brake cord to make sure there is no duplication, then tightening the cable holding bolt this will be done while still squeezing the brake. Pull on the brake to make sure the brake pads are attached to the wheels. Make sure all bolts are tightened. Then, turn the wheel and brake part to make sure the brake release and brake are correct.

Note: Do not test your brakes the first time riding. If there is a problem and the brake is not working then injury can occur as you go.

Step 3. Wrap the tapes for the handlebars

If you want you can wrap your handlebars using a new tape with a better, more unique surface and design. The handlebar tape actually absorbs a lot of the road vibrations that can occur while riding, which can greatly improve your riding ability. You should have some ribbon or handles on the handlebar so you can hold them.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-17
The tape is from the top of the handlebars

Ensure overlapping layers are not exposed, if the overlap is not large enough over time the tape will pop out quickly. Mounting the end bar this will keep the tape head in place, pushing the section redundant head to handlebars core and end bar inserts. It may require you to apply considerable force to push in.

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You may have problems with the tape while covering the brake assembly area, make sure the tape can roll as close to the brake lever as possible. Most of the tape cassettes come with a 3 tape measure to enable the brake lever when rolling. Make sure the edges of the tape are covered.

Instructions for replacing racing brake levers-18
Attach the end bar to hold the tape cassette firmly

To finish rolling the tape, wrap the tape several times around the handle with half of the tape around the bar and the other half over the actual handle bar. Once installed, the steering wheel will be completely restored for safe and convenient use. Always be sure to practice safe cycling habits. Now get ready to start a new journey with your new brake lever right away.

If you are a newbie, you may be a bit poor in mechanical knowledge, immediately consult the technical advice on sports bicycles from experienced motorists for more instructions! In an emergency please bring these bicycle repair shop to get the best help.

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