Instructions for replacing the disc in front of the bicycle

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Front discs are an especially important component in your drive system, they can cause your chain to wear over time. The sharp shark teeth will gradually wear out to look like fish fins and you can easily notice this change when you watch.

When the front disc gears wear excessively, your chain may slip from ring to ring or you may slip, where the chain is not dropped from disc to disc and Chances are, it is stuck and cannot move. Time to change discs first depending on your car settings, you may or may not need to remove the entire disc thigh. The following article will help you how to change the front disc of the bike in a simple way.

1. Determine your disc type

Determining your bike disc type, the need to replace them and changing them can be a little more complicated. Since vehicle discs have a lot of dependent bolt models. What if you have a traditional or compact system when buying road bike or mountain bike.

Some are direct hook-up without external bolts. Instead, the disc attaches directly to the crankarm and is held in place by a type of lock. Some bicycles may even have discs integrated into the thighs and you’ll need a full replacement at that point.

2. Prepare tools:

Several types of bolts are used to protect your disc and disc thigh, other combinations of screw nuts will require different tools. You will almost always need a chain nut, compatible with one with a slot that runs through the center of the nut called the disc nut. You also need some tools like a (Allen) wrench or a torx. wrench.

Instructions on how to replace the bicycle front disc -1
Look at the front disc to determine the type of disc your bike is using

3.Remove the disc behind the bike

First determine the correct hex wrench types to be used, which are compatible with the outer and back disc belts. Once your spanner is in place turn the front nut to loosen it while keeping the secured rear latch in place. After complete removal store nuts and bolts for use on the new disc. Next, slide the disc over your disc thigh.

(If you find that you cannot do this, you will need to remove all required loops using the tools and add the techniques in this article).

4. Install a new disc

To be able to assemble the new disc, you must make sure the dismantling is complete and begin the installation with the largest ring. Slide the disc across the disc thigh so that the readings on the disc are facing out of the bike.

Instructions on how to replace the bicycle front disc -2
The barrier prevents the chain from bouncing off the teeth

Large discs often have latches or compartments designed to prevent the chain from getting caught between the disc and the disc thigh. Place the disc so that the pin protrudes from the body of the car.

Apply grease to the bolts, then replace the bolts and nuts with the tool you used to remove them, remember not to be too tight. Once all the bolts and nuts are installed tighten each bolt 1/4 turn, and move the circle around the plate until they become tighter. Check and tighten according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

5.Disc maintenance after

Depending on your ride level, you may want to refine and maintain your entire chain several times a year. If you live near a sandy beach they can get into your steering system or if you live in a humid environment during frequent rain that your chains become rust, watch out for love. the overall state of the drive system.

Replacing your chain actively can delay disc replacement, so consult these bicycle technical problem From experienced people to hone and perform simple replacements at home on your own.

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