Instructions for the steps to assemble a sports bicycle

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Guide to assembling a sports bike in just 30 minutes for newbies with some easy steps.

Normally, when you buy a sports bike in today’s stores, the showroom usually pre-installs and installs all the details and then you go back and just go and experience. But if you are curious, like to explore, you want to experience the beating of the car assembly for yourself. Or you want to buy a bike in a box that is carefully packed in the box to avoid damage during shipping .. that’s the reason the parts are not assembled yet.

Don’t worry too much – assemble sport bicycle is a very easy job. In about 30 minutes, you can fully ride on your bike. bicycle assembly Your installation will happen correctly and quickly.

1.Prepare sports bicycle assembly tools

Sport bike assembly step guide-1
Multi-function accessories and brackets are essential tools for assembly

To build a basic sports bike you only need a basic all-purpose kit that includes a few details like:

+ The hexagonal dimensions (including many sizes available)

+ Screwdrivers and wrench (including many sizes available)

+ Car holder or car holder (prevent the car from falling)

+ Tire pump

+ Oil brake and chain brake

2.Dumping and assembling the bicycle

Once you have opened the box, you will find documents relating to vehicle information, vouchers, order information, and specific bike instructions. Make sure you keep this information as it contains your bike’s number and order information.

Sport bike assembly step guide-2
Coupon information, user guide and bicycle parameters

Carefully remove the vehicle from the box and unpack all the packaging and pull the lanyard with the scissors or the wire cutter.

Sport bike assembly step guide-3
Remove the car from the bin, remove the cord and wrapping paper

Normally, a bicycle will have a rear wheel installed and you only have to install the front wheel, handlebar, saddle and saddle, pedal, front brake. When breaking the barrel, you remember to pay attention to the details and parts put together, go together to avoid misplacing leading to a situation where there is a lack of screws in the spare space.

  • Step 1: Install the front wheel
Sport bike assembly step guide-5
Install the front wheel on the chassis
  1. Take the front brake disc and grip the axle of the front wheel firmly.
  2. Install the front wheel and tighten the screws. Pay attention to the handle lever to swing the swing on the top and front of the car.
  3. Install the brake drive on the shaft and align it properly, avoiding the situation that the brake pads and brake disc are rubbing together and making a sound while riding.

Note that when mounting the wheel, insert the quick slider into the front wheel first. The lever opens to the disc side of the wheel. Then arrange the wheel and disc on the front disc brake disc. Then push the wheel and tighten the skewer. First tighten the right side of the skewer and then close the stick quickly.

  • Step 2: Install the steering wheel
Guide to assembling a sports bicycle 4
Install the steering wheel on the steering wheel

First install the handlebars, use the multi-function tool to fasten them to the control bar, clamp the clamp on the bar securely so that the steering angle cannot be changed.

  • Step 3: Install handlebar and adjust
Sports bike assembly instructions -6
Install handlebar and adjust steering wheel angle
  1. Align the handlebar to the center so that the balance, avoiding deviation while riding, will easily cause fatigue on one side and uneven grip force.
  2. Adjust the handlebar at an angle of 45 degrees compared to the parallel surface of the handlebar. Tighten the screws to fix them.

Make sure all the side bolts are tightened using a screwdriver, so that the same distance between the front and rear body of all bolts is the same. This will prevent the bars from moving while you are on the road. Note that the control bar is weighed and does not deviate from the front wheel. Try squeezing the handle if it doesn’t feel right, then adjust the position handle and handlebar again for greater comfort and control.

  • Step 3: Install saddle and saddle.
Sport bike assembly step guide-8
Install the saddle into the chassis and adjust the height accordingly
  1. Installing the saddle into the front saddle so that it is as tight as possible can avoid loosening when the seat is slumped up and down, difficult to control the car.
  2. Install the seatpost in the frame. Now, you should align the height of the saddle to match your height. When sitting on the toes of both sides touching the ground is standard.

Note that when mounting the saddle, you need to loosen the rear seat bolts to rotate the upper 90 degrees to be able to insert the saddle rail between the two seat clamps. Then turn the upper part back and tighten the bolts. When the saddle is firmly on the seat, you can adjust the saddle angle and the position on the rails. Finally when the thing adjust the position and angle of the saddle, please tighten the bolts.

  • Step 4: Install the pedal and align the starter
Sport bike assembly step guide-9
Insert peddal into the disc thigh tightly

This is considered the most important step for you to have the most stable and efficient operation.

  1. Insert the pedal into the disc thigh – use the mounting wrench securely.
  2. Aligning the topic so that the disc-recording works in the smoothest and smoothest way.

Mounting the pedals on the bike is pretty easy. It’s important to fit the pedals onto the right side of the car. The pedal shaft has the letter “R” on the right (left / chain side) and “L” on the left. The right pedal should be tightened clockwise and the left pedal should tighten clockwise. This is crucial, as installing the pedals to the incorrect edges will likely break the threads in the crank.Finally check a quick check to make sure your steering wheel and seat are set up. reasonable .

  • Step 5: Final inspection

The last step, you just sit on the bike and test, test the engine operation, brake the front brake to see if it is okay. If it is not good, then align it so that it is okay.

  • Step 6. Test the first trip

On your first trip (s) keep a multi tool with you. Be prepared to make some adjustments to your riding position, mainly to the saddle position. Remember that there are many sections that can be adjusted to achieve a comfortable riding position.

Also, listen to the bike: pay attention to bells or noises. A well-maintained Pelago will be completely silent.

Above are 5 basic steps for you to be yourself assembling sports bicycles and efficiently tailor your sports bike. Wish you all have more fun with your bike. If you do not have a car, please call us immediately advice on choosing to buy bicycles and own a genuine bicycle right away.

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