Introducing the Groupset Shimano Tiagra

Groupset Shimano Tiagra 4600

Groupset Shimano Tiagra intended for road bike Roadbike currently has 4 versions Shimano Tiagra STI-4400 9 Speed, Shimano Tiagra STI-4500 9 Speed, Tiagra STI-4600 10 speed and Tiagra 4700 10 Speed ​​- This is also the latest version today. The 4700 version is available for disc 2 and disc 3, made in Malaysia, looks like it is, but according to the professional vehicle hobbyist’s assessment, accuracy and stability are just below average.

The latest version Shimano Tiagra 4700

Materials to make the details in this Group are aluminum and alloy steel.

High-grade design with flexible front and rear axles

Brakes work better

Good displacement range

– Still only ten speeds

The groupset Shimano 4600 was due to huge reforms. It is the oldest Groupset in Shimano’s system and begins to show its age as well as looks and performance due to groups compared to Shimano’s senior groups.

The Shimano Tiagra 4700 looks a lot like the Shimano Dura-Ace, Shimano Ultegra and Shimano 105 – and its performance is on par with them, although unlike the 105’s, which hit 11 out of the latest 5800, Tiagra still has ten speeds.

Introducing the Groupset Shimano Tiagra
The following topic and the clump of Shimano Tiagra

The 4700 chipset uses Shimano’s new four-wing design. It is available in two or three with four armrest lengths between 165 and 175mm. This dual comes in semi-compact 50/34 or 52/36 compact form, while the trio has 50/39/30 tooth rings.

Shimano Tiagra cage rear mech will handle cassette with up to 34 gear teeth. Like other Shimano groups, there is a long cage and a short cage of rear wheel. The short cage mech will handle the wheels with a maximum gear of 28 teeth.

Go for longer cages and extended range to 34 teeth for doubles, 32 for three – again in line with higher end groups and competitor offerings and also offers a lower ratio, most sporty and friendly.

The front mech is available for double or triple chainrings, the latter has a different cage design. The Shimano’s superior end-group shape and lever arm length has been increased to create greater leverage when moving and feel lighter.

Introducing the Groupset Shimano Tiagra-2
Shimano Tiagra’s handle

The new Shimano Tiagra switch loses gear windows and has under-band cable routing. Besides the chain set, the new shift levers are the most obvious change from the previous Tiagra groups. The gear indicator windows were missing and the same size and shape as the 105.

While the gearbox types used for the unit were modified and inserted outside the frame, the 4700 cables were rolled downwards under the ribbon.

The lever’s internal gear is similar to the one sport bicycle has a speed of 11 speeds of 105: the cables go straight back levers to the cable plug rather than the crazy routing track of 10 speed sets of previous 105 groupset, where the cable did a 90 ° rotation in lever body, affecting performance and promoting wear.

The covers are comfortably mounted to the top and the levers to use, and have a solid feel. There’s also a screw adjustment screw available. A set of Rapidfire levers are also available for use on the flat bar; This retains the gear indicator window.

The Shimano Tiagra 4700 offers four chute options with ranges available from 11-25 to 11-34 teeth. Combined with the compact machine, it is necessary to provide multiple strips for support and lowering.

Introducing the Groupset Shimano Tiagra-3
Braking system Shimano Tiagra

Tiagra brakes work well, again, bicycle brake Shimabo’s tiagra’s show a family resemblance to Shimano’s higher-priced groups and this is reflected in their performance.

The dual pivots offer lightweight, comfortable performance and Shimano claims a significant increase in modulation.

The brake pads are adjustable, so you have to replace the whole part instead of being able to swap the pads as they wear out.

2. What details does the Groupset Shimano Tiagra contain?

A full set of Shimano Tiagra Groupset includes 8 elements:

  1. Plate of Shimano Tiagra FC-4700 (plate roll 170mm-36T- 52T) (Malaysia)
  2. Brake set Shimano Tiagra BR-4700 (Malaysia)
  3. Slug 10 Shimano Tiagra CN-4601 (Taiwan)
  4. Tweezers 10 shimano Tiagar CS-HG500 (11-25) (Japan)
  5. Center shaft Shimano Tiagar BB-RS500 (Malaysia)
  6. Shimano Tiagar RD-4700 (Japan)
  7. Shimano Tiagra ST-4700 (Japan) Bracelets
  8. Shimano tiagra FD-4700 (Japan)

The cost of Shimano Tiagra version 4700 ranged in the 6 million range. If you are planning to upgrade, replace or buy sports bicycles you should consult these advice on choosing to buy bicycles details from the shops, experienced people to be able to choose the groupset or bike like the most.

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