Introduction to topic types and Groupset Sram

Introduction to topic types and Groupset Sram

Like Shimano, Sram has a wide range of products from low to high for users to choose from according to their preferences and financial ability. The highest is the SRAM XX and then SRAM XO, SRAM X9, SRAM X7, SRAM X5 … The price is also top, the top line of Shimano XTR is only horizontal (but perhaps also a bit inferior) compared to Sram XO, don’t Compared to Sram XX for MTB models or Shimano Dura ACE with Sram Red.

Sram Red

In the scope of this article we would like to introduce to you the Sram branded bicycle groupset.

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1. Types of threads – groupset for off-road bikes – MTB

1.1 Average mid-range line

Introduction of Sram-1 threads and groupsets
Threads after Sram X3

This Group beetle does not have all the accessories, normally it has only 7 speeds. Other details of these groupsets such as sausages or slugs or corks are sold separately and are not included in the series.

Introduction of Sram-2 threads and groupsets
Threads after Sram X4

This is the next version of X2, which is also the kit groupset structure Not enough ingredients. Only the one hand click and the rear handle and the rest of the components are added from other manufacturers. This X4 is slightly better than the X3.

Introduction of Sram-3 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram X5

It can be said that in the popular Groupset line, this is a set with all the components of the group set with a movement consisting of 2 x 10-speed discs. hardtail car. But with heavy and long-distance offroad vehicles, this is hardly an option.

It seems that in this segment, there are 2 sets of Sram X3 and X4, according to me, observing and learning from Sram’s homepage do not see detailed information about the product.

1.2 XC / TRAIL / ENDURO Series

Introduction of Sram-6 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram X7

What is great and class of SRAM probably must be from X7 many new people can recognize. X7 is equipped with a lot of high technology by SRAM, so it operates more stably, more durable. The price of the X7 is also very reasonable.

Introduction of Sram-7 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram X9

X9 is a Groupset that is considered to be one of the rival lines of the Shimano SLX. In this Groupset its degree of perfection is higher and more stable than other series. The downside of this line is that the weight is still heavy and not really light for it

  • Level 3 – Sram NX and GX
Introduction of Sram-8 threads and groupsets
Groupset NX
Introduction of Sram-9 threads and groupsets
Groupset GX

This is a groupet set full of high-end features like the X1 or X0. But the downside of the NX and GX is that its material can not be as high-end as the X1 series. But in the end, these are still 2 product lines that are considered good because it has a similar segment and price plate X1.

Introduction of Sram-10 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram X1

As the drive groupset, with a front plate, its features are similar to the X01 and XX1 seniors. But the difference is that it is more complete with mostly aluminum hcaats so it owns a lot heavier and cheaper than the two lines above.

Apart from the X1, its other innovative product is the EX1. This design is optimized for use with E-MTB donf. It has a set of 8 speeds and a front disc with three options: 14T, 16T and 18T

Introduction of Sram-11 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram X0

This is considered the start of the premium line in all SRAM’s Groupset line. Rated as smoother and more stable performance. It may be on par with the Shimano XT, but in return it is slightly more expensive with a lighter weight than Shimano’s Groupset XT.

In Groupset sets, it can be said that X01’s versatility and durability is considered to be an extremely perfect choice. Even the most difficult car players must surrender because its quality is comparable to that of the XX1.

Introduction of Sram threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram X01

SRAM has released two of the newest versions of the X01 series, the X01 Eagle series, with new innovations that allow the transmission to be spread out in the widest range of options available today.

Introducing Topics and Groupset Sram
Groupset Sram XX

This product is on par with the Shimano XTR Race line, which is one of the most optimal choices because it is very light weight. It is made of light aluminum and carbon material, so the price of this groupet is very expensive.

Introduction of Sram-13 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram XX1

In this segment, this is probably the most advanced grupset, it can meet offroad needs. XX1 is rated as MTN groupset applied revolution with 1 plate before. This Groupset material is made from high quality carbon material so it is super light. For car players who want to equip the most perfectly for the car, this is indeed something to look forward to.


Introduction of Sram-14 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram S01 -DH

Exclusive to those races is the Grupset X01-H set. It has 2 options along with 7 speeds and 10 speeds, plus it uses a lot of the technology of a single SRAM disc.

2. Text and Groupset Sram for racing bikes – Road Bike

  • Level 1: Sram S – Series

This Groupset is the lowest line where the Sram racing bike is comparable to Shimano’s Clariss R2000 series. Bringing you 3 8 -9 – 10 Speed ​​caster options, 2 options for 1 -2 disc sets depending on your usage needs and economy.

This is one of the four groups that after 7 years Sram introduced the world bicycle market, the four groups include: Sram Red, Sram Force, Sram Rival and Sram Apex. In which, Sram Apex belongs to the lowest level.

Introduction of Sram-15 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram Apex

When launching Apex product, Sram with “mind” of pragmatic and always creative heads, it uses Apex according to the specifications of a group using compact double (2) platters instead of 3 platters. Threads have medium wheel (S) instead of 1 longer and can use large sprocket (chuck 32) on a road car or a touring, which is also lighter and more efficient than most. The three-plate system, allowing the user to climb downhill easier and downhill or go long distance!

With a concept as above Sram called: WiFLi (not Wifi where it sounds), this is a technology registered in the US, short for WiFLi ™ = Wider – Faster – Lighter (Big (wide), Fast. More, Lighter)

You can understand SRAM WiFLi Technology is like this:
– Wider: diameter large enough to climb the pass carefree and comfortable
– Faster: The conversion (to plate) of 2 plates is of course faster and easier than with 3 plates!
– Lighter: 2 is of course 3 lighter, it is 274g (9.8%) lighter than a regular 3 plate.

Introduction of Sram-16 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram Apex 1

This is the twin sibling of the Sram Apex above, it only differs in the 1 * 11 Speed ​​movement, not the 2 * 11 Speed ​​of Sram Apex.

Introduction of Sram-17 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram Rival 22

Along with Apex, this is one of the four versions that appear simultaneously on the world bicycle market of Sram but is one level higher than Apex. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Sram Rival 22 is really a reasonable choice with the 22 Speed ​​movement providing 100% of what the user asks for instead of 75% for another product. .

Similar to the Rival 22 Rival 1 version only offers users 1 * 11 Speed ​​movement.

Introduction of Sram-18 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram Rival 1
Introduction of Sram-19 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram Force

The 3rd and 2nd high-end in Series 4 of Sram’s cult groupset. Sram Force carries as well as its fellow brothers, offering users 2 options 1 * 11 Speed ​​and 2 * 11 Speed. Hydraulic rim brake

Sram Red is the most premium line of the current Sram group. This is usually the first choice for the vehicle Race car of professional racers in the world when participating in major tournaments such as Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Paris-Roubaix …

Introducing different types of themes and Groupset SRAM
Groupset Sram Red

SRAM RED was launched in 2008, integrating “Double tap” technology. This Groupset is also equipped with a gear lever right behind the brake, but there is no lever like the Campagnolo, nor does it separate a gear knob, a gear knob like Shimano’s, but the SRAM’s lever has to do. including both quests, for both upshifts and downshifts. That is, if you want to change gears, the driver just needs to put it in one step, if you want to downshift, push the lever in two steps.

In addition, Sram Red can allow users to adjust the distance of the brake arm closer to the handlebar for those with small hands. Another difference of Sram Red is that groupset is cast from a piece of metal, so it is lighter and better than a very popular detachment, in addition, the rings are missing a tooth so that when shifting gears is softer, So, I can step on the slope while still being able to change gears very easily. This technology Sram is called OpenGlide

Introduction of Sram-20 threads and groupsets
Groupset Sram Red eTap

eTap means electronic conversion system similar to the Di2 version of Shimano – Sram first applied to groupsets to help users have a better experience. Inheriting all the preeminent features of Sram Red but operating on intelligent electronics. Check out the video below for a clear overview of this theme.

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