Is Giant sports bike good?

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Quality of Giant sports bike will be the question of many newbies when shopping for sports bikes. But that will be the anxiety of those who are not familiar with the brand and knowledge of bicycles. And for longtime car players, make sure that the Giant name has become a familiar brand. A brand has been built and brought into Vietnam for nearly 10 years and of course it has become a quality brand over time with durable products at reasonable prices.

Let all newbies have the best experience and options. We will give the most objective reviews about this model, hoping to help you answer your questions. Is Giant sports bike good? and choose the easy car that best suits you.

1.Where does Giant sports bike come from?

Giant is a famous Taiwanese brand, was founded in 1972 by Liu King in central Taiwan’s Taichung city. Over nearly 40 years of current experience with a highly regarded technical expertise, Giant has become the leading bicycle company in the world bicycle industry. Giant’s products have been present in many system dealers in Asian, European, American markets …

Is Giant sports bike good? -1
Giant is the leading brand in the world

In order to be able to supply a large volume of products to serve the market, Giant has set up large factories not only in Taiwan but also in China in charge of the entire Asia-Pacific region and Neitherland. responsible for Europe and America.

Giant has entered the Vietnamese market for nearly 10 years and has approached the low-cost segment. With cheap production workers and cheap raw materials, Giant products are easier to reach consumers than ever before. affirmed its different position compared to other products in the same segment.

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2.Is the quality of Giant sports bikes good?

Giant is one of the carmakers “RARE” because it can converge all the advantages and the quintessence of the bike sports company in the world. Giant’s quality has confirmed its No. 1 position in the bicycle industry.

In the low-cost segment or to high-end cars, you can see that it has the superiority in configuration because it is equipped with world-famous accessories such as Shimano, Sram, Kenda, KMC or accessories. genuine production.

Is Giant sports bike good? -2
Giant is equipped with configurations from world-famous components such as Shimano, Sram

Long-term workmanship is one of the things that makes each Giant’s product more appreciated for its meticulousness. Durability over the years is also a factor that makes experienceers extremely excited. Certainly, compared to spending some cheap money, consumers will completely pay a greater amount to buy the best quality cars.

Giant focuses on producing multi-category bicycles

Giant is one of the few sports bike brands that look to a wide variety of product lines to target the large market, providing consumers with a brand where everyone can choose any line. which car they want like: racing car, off-road bike, folding bike, BMX car …

Is Giant sports bike good? -3
High-end Giant bicycles are often used in international competitions and for professional athletes

Modern, sporty design is always the highlight of this car maker, bringing it to suit each age and gender. From children to the elderly, men or women can choose a bike like that.

Is Giant sports bike good? -4
Giant ineed 1500 city bike

– CGood larvae

Equipment configuration for each product’s Giant bike from groupset to tires … are always imported from famous firms such as Shimano, Sram or by the manufacturer. Considering the models with the same price, the Giant’s configuration is much better.

– Genuine agent system widely and policies for customers

Present worldwide with a wide distribution network of dealers, Giant is not only interested in providing quality products but also providing a system of after-sales care and after-sales service for all customers in the whole system. It can be affirmed that this is a special policy that benefits customers but also affirms the position and stature of a world-famous brand.

3.How much is the price of a Giant bicycle?

Giant bicycle rack Compared with many other brands in the cheap segment like Galaxy, Trinx or Twitter are a little higher. The reason for this difference is that the Giant’s configuration is better equipped.

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4. Where to buy reputable Giant bikes?

Currently, the bicycle market is quite plentiful, there is no shortage of poor quality floating goods mixed into the Giant product line in particular and sports bicycles in general are sold at lower or equal prices. To avoid buying poor quality goods and enjoy the best warranties. You should go to the store that is your dealer Giant bike to be able to buy at a good price and get the best post-purchase care.

Is Giant sports bike good? -5
Customers have the opportunity to experience Giant models at the Bicycles showroom and be consulted to choose the right bike for their preferences and budget

Bicycles World is proud to be one of the agents that distributes genuine cheap sports bicycles from Giant. When you come to us, you will have the opportunity to experience the latest range of sports bicycles Bike selection advice suitable for your preferences and budget. In addition, at Bicycles World, there are always promotions for all customers when buying a bike. For more details, please contact the hotline: 0979.83.9922 or 024.6686.9919

Showroom: 9 Lane 214 Nguyen Xien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

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