lone cat in the snow, cold and hungry, frantically seeking assistance

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Today we will share with you a story that will touch to the depths of the soul of every person who warmly treats our smaller brothers.

Our hero was a cat named Felix. A smart pet appears every evening at the Staraya Russa railway station and is waiting for something. You can use it to check the clock – the animal always appears at the same time. At 22:40, the fluffy sits on the platform and carefully looks around.

What is waiting for MURlyka? And he is waiting for the appearance of the Pskov-Moscow train. And not just like that! It turns out that the conductor always feeds him, or more precisely, all the conductors who work on the train. Felix is ​​known to everyone and various delicacies are prepared for him in advance. It has already become a kind of tradition, which has been going on for several years.

cat and conductor

When a picture with a cat and a guide, taken by photographer Dmitry Markov, appeared on the Internet, caring people began to worry about the fact that the animal does not have a home. But then a message appeared in the comments from the inhabitants of Staraya Russa, who assured that the pet was still home. It’s just that Felix often goes out on his own and is looking for where to get hold of sweets. And it just so happened that the train conductors began to feed the cute fluffy.

Incredibly smart cat, agree! I even wonder how he managed to never be late for the arrival of the train?

What would you think if you saw the silhouette of a cat sitting on the platform and meeting the train?

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