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Ah, yes. winter in Seattle. While it is tempting to trade helmet for car keys, we like to think that riding can STILL be fun this time of year with the proper equipment. Below are three of our favored Lynskey bikes, built particularly for all-weather depend on and incredible comfort. Just chatter on the images to bring up a wax sized gallery .

Sportive Disc – Singlespeed build

Forgoing the public toilet of gears, this motorcycle was made to reduce the wear of winter on drive train parts, and provide the rider with a snatch of exercise on Seattle ’ randomness hills. Starting with Lynskey ’ s Sportive Disc frame, the manufacturer was asked to leave off all cable stops, leaving a very clean and jerk looking frame .
Drivetrain courtesy of White Industries ’ ENO wrinkle : methamphetamine, BB, freewheel and eccentric rear hub. Wheels built with HED Belgium rims, with stopping power provided by TRP Spyre carbon-armed mechanical disk brakes. 28mm Compass tires are shielded by PDW ’ s beautiful alloy fenders .
The build is completed with ENVE bits, a Chris King headset, and gutted Campy Ergo brake levers ( we are Branford Bike, after all ). The road stays illuminated at night thanks to NiteRider ’ s MiNewt X2 and CherryBomb lights.

Pro Cross custom

here is another custom Lynskey from our friends in Chattanooga, TN. This Pro Cross features asymmetrical chain stays with a “ yoke ” plate to offer extra tire headroom, ampere well as traditional cable route.

With disk brakes, 650B wheels are an easy option and allow the use of wide, more comfortable tires. here, Compass Babyshoe Pass 42mm tires are mounted onto HED Belgiums and covered by beautiful Hanjo fenders. The rise wheel is built around a DT Swiss 240 hub, while the presence is a SON 28 dynamo hub. This generator hub powers a SON Edelux II headlight, mounted on a custom built steel Igleheart fork and rack with identical slick unhorse wire mounts.

Campy Chorus 10 speed drivetrain, White Industries road crankset and ENVE cockpit complete the build .

Lynskey Urbanskey disc, fenders, Chorus, 650b

titanium is king for long, survival rides to prevent torso tire, while hush serving as a easy, responsive frame material. This stock Lynskey Urbanskey was built up with Campagnolo ’ s fabulous 2015 Chorus groupset. With update shift key mechs and a crankset that is compatible with both standard and compact chainrings, this group offers some of the best performance in Campy ’ mho history, without breaking the bank .
Rolf Prima ’ s pass built wheels from Eugene, OR are outfitted with lavish 650Bx38 Panaracer tires. Braking is done with TRP ’ s Spyre mechanical brakes. Disc brakes are unfazed by the besotted conditions which render rim brakes hopeless, and are a priority for winter riding. With Spyres, the cable television actuates both pads simultaneously, providing better might, evening pad break and preventing rotor deflection compared to early mechanical brakes on the market. SKS wide fenders protect the rider from wheel spray throughout the winter .

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