Part 1 – Bicycles are simple – Essential equipment for bike maintenance

Part 1 - Bicycles are simple - Essential equipment for bike maintenance

With the current trend of switching from motorbikes to cars and bicycles, returning to bicycles is indispensable. Like my family of 4, there are 6 bicycles of different types. Yes, you can say it’s bad, but it’s really worth the price of the whole bike space for a normal motorbike.

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To assemble a complete sports bike takes many steps and requires the assistance of different tools.

After exercising by sport bicycle, then the maintenance and repair of these cars also become a pleasure no less than other trick games. Since then I have some experiences that I want to share and exchange with you. These experiences are purely from reality, so there may be a lack of standards as in the book, but it is better to know how to fix it oddly than to snatch from Linh Dam to the west bank embankment every time a puncture. And I focus on the MTB (also known as off-road vehicle), the other vehicles are not much problem either.

1.Minimum tools needed

Part 1 - Bicycles Are Simple - Bicycle Maintenance Essentials-1
Multi-function bicycle repair and maintenance kit

First of all, you must have tools and tools to fix a simple bicycle, it is quite inexpensive, the minimum required items:

– Small and missed 2-sided screwdriver and 4-sided screwdriver.

– Hexagon screw set, this can be purchased separately (price from 20k-100k) or buy with bicycle repair kit priced at 100k-300k.

– Wrench or 8-9-10-11 gun, to screw the miscellaneous screws in the 165k auto repair kit are available.

* The following are better:

– Tire hook, 3 plastic or metal. I use plastic to support the broken rim. If you have strong hands, you can get in and out of the tire without tools.

– Small 6 “or 8” wrench, used to tune the trailer I bought both.

– Password (tuyp) 12, used to repair the pedals.

– Chain detachment, with multi-disc stroller, usually chain has no locking pin, so it is necessary to have items to remove.

– Wrench for 13 and 15, used to screw all kinds of screws. Should buy as thin as possible.

– Flat multi-function wrench for adjusting trays, collars, shafts. This curved one has many mouth holes

– Pliers, in the family should have a set of 3 pliers including electric pliers, cutting pliers and pointed beak pliers.

– Small hammer.

– Pump, if you like the pretty pump attached to the chassis, I recommend buying a 1-cylinder foot pump (cost about 150k), this pump can be used to pump both motorbikes or cars. . I used a foot pump to pump a small SUV, and it wasn’t that hard. Another reason to buy foot pumps is that it is easy to pump up high pressures, as with MTB car It is about 50 psi, which means half a car, for road vehicles it can be> 100psi, if using hand pump, it is quite tiring.

2. Other supporting tools

Part 1 - Bicycles are simple - Essential equipment for bike maintenance
Oil the chain after assembly to make it run smoothly

The whole car repair kit as above is about 300k is fine. In addition, you should store more:

– 1 box of grease for bearings.

– 1 bottle of diesel oil for chain washing.

– Medium-sized tube, the cylinder should be used like a motorcycle.

– Some patches come with both glue and sandpaper.

– 1 old t-shirt.

With this equipment, it is okay to be able to use the first electric pole to practice. Just having fun, you can do it yourself bicycle assembly without the help of a bike repairman. If you still have any doubts, immediately learn from experienced bicyclists or bicyclists to sports bicycle consulting as well as how to assemble the details.

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