Part 11 – Cycling technique – Mountain climbing crabs

Phần 11 - Kĩ thuật đạp xe đạp - Cua rơ leo núi-3

As soon as the subject Mountain bike when born, people still often see bright crabs practicing on the road. Why? “Mountain biking consumes too much energy,” said Todd Wells, 2004 Olympic mountain bike champion. “You can go for an hour hike and get exhausted, and go for an hour off the road and do nothing.”

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Part 11 - Cycling Techniques - Mountaineering Rocks-1
Conquering long slopes around mountains or trails is a hobby of many racers

Wells does not refer to the nature of the cycling content types when it comes to cardiovascular system effects; he refers to the physical condition of the body being tortured by the rough road inherent in mountain bike racing. “When the upper muscles are in need of recovery from the hike, recovery slows down,” said Wells. “And you can’t train that hard.”

However, you cannot fail to train on off-road surfaces until the race event takes place. If you do that, your technical skills will wither away, you will not be able to keep up with people no matter how energetic you are. Therefore, Wells maintains 50% of its weight for rock climbing. But he also said, “The trails near my home in Durango, Colorado, are pretty flat. I can cycle around without getting too tired. ”

Part 11 - Cycling Techniques - Mountaineering Rocks-2
The trails are perfect for you to try

Wells admitted that while riding the mountain bike was detrimental to his performance, he did it nonetheless. “I love my mountain bike, so I chose it from the beginning. I can’t give up. Sometimes it’s necessary to get the car out and run whatever you want, rather than just going from a practice point of view, even if it’s a little better. ”
Wells also has a message for passionate mountain bike racers: take some time to rest. During a season, when to join a tournament on the weekend (sometimes 2 times a week). Wells decided not to participate in any of the week’s heavy training sessions. “It depends on how many awards you do,” said Wells. “But if you race every weekend or something like that, you will find out how much you need to recover. Mountain bike races are like two-hour individual racing. That’s right, it’s shorter than most long-distance races but much more stamina. I think most of the mountain climbers, both the best professional and amateurs, train really hard all week.

Part 11 - Cycling Techniques - Mountaineering Rocks-3
The dangers are always on the rise, making the racers need to be skillful to handle

Another factor to his success was his annual mid-season break, during which the Olympic driver left his car in the garage leaving it dusted for two weeks. “I just go golf and drink beer,” admitted Wells, “And when the vacation is over, I pedal faster than before.”

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Source: Training Techniques For Cyclists By BEN HEWITT

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