Part 3 – The bike is simple. -Adjust the controls

Phần 3 - Xe đạp thật là đơn giản -Chỉnh các tay điều khiển-3

In parts 1 and 2 of the very simple bicycle series, I showed you how to adjust the saddle and saddle, the necessary tools for repairing. sport bicycle At home, the parts can be repaired at home without taking them to a store or service center. In this part – part 3 we will learn how to adjust the controls such as the handlebar, brake lever so that it is reasonable.

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1. Prepare tools

Part 3 - The bike is so simple -Adjust the controls-1

Hexagon screwdrivers

Multi-function bicycle repair kit

2. Proceed to adjust the controls

Part 3 - The bike is so simple -Adjust the controls-1
Align the steering wheel to the correct position and angle

After stabilizing the position, you should adjust the controls smoothly, this is very important to ensure your safety while on the road.

Loosen the brake lever adjustment screw, turn the whole cluster slightly down, when sitting in the car, place 3 fingers on the brake arm, your wrist will not be bent or overheated.

For people with short fingers, the brake arm position should be adjusted, preferably the brake arm is located across the middle of the index finger. Just turn on the brake cord adjustment screw, then screw on the screwdriver until you like it. This adjustment should be done before adjusting the brake pads.

For vehicles with a detachable trimmer, the tuning cluster should also be turned to fit the thumb / index finger. You also need to rotate the bell to fit your thumb, the bell should normally be mounted on the left side of the car.

Part 3 - The bike is so simple -Adjust the controls-3
After determining the correct position, start tightening the adjustment screws

Then turn the brake cord to be adjusted again, so that when you squeeze the brake hard, the brake handle is still about 2-3cm from the handle. This is to prevent the brake handle from gripping your fingers.

Finally, screw on the locking screw. In both the brake screw and the adjustment screw, there is a slit to put the brake cord through, pay attention that these two grooves do not overlap, leading to a slip of the brake cord.

The two control clusters on both sides of the handlebar should be kept at the same tilt for balance, unless you have special request.

With the extremely simple instructions above, you can definitely align the steering wheel more easily by yourself. Selecting and aligning make it possible for you to have a reasonable driving position for greater comfort and efficiency. If there are still doubts you can refer to these bicycle consultant from the experts and will receive more detailed instructions.

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