Part 5 – Bicycles are simple – How to change a bicycle tire

Part 5 - Bicycles are simple - How to change a bicycle tire

Serie A sequel – Bicycles are so simple, Bicycles World offers methods for you to repair the tires and tubes of your own. sport bicycle mine. The idea of ​​replacing the tire is complicated, but actually it is much simpler than we think, with the following method, you will be able to maintain and replace the tire very simply without any assistance. of the repairman.

1. Prepare tools

– Bicycle rack

– Repair kit (wrench, tire lever ..)

– New year

Hand-held car pump or CO2 gas

2. Replace the tires and tubes

Who ride without spraying a couple of times. Those of you who rode a bicycle in the ’80s must be miserable with tires and tubes. Laminate the river several times (the specialized term for bicycle is for the connector type) and then patched to live and patched ninety times. That day he would ride Mifa or Eska or Phuong (Phoenix) or Cuu (Forever) or Lop tiger (Peugeot) with a pump installed along the frame.

Now, the tires and tubes are cheap (except of course for people), tens of thousands of 1 tubes, they do not need to be patched or just replaced and then brought back to patch later. But with a car with a lot of money, who was walking in the middle of the road and suddenly wanted to spray, the replacement of the tube is also necessary, rather than letting the sidewalk workers pull their car out.

Playing a bicycle, you should keep 1-2 tubes. If the distance is often a bit long, bring a bike. It is fine to have a patch kit if it has one, but it cannot always be fixed, there are even some piercings that cannot be fixed. You should also pay attention to the type of valve, if possible, you should buy a valve with a valve like a motorcycle to make it easy to pump. If it is a worm valve type, there should be a switch to the mortar valve.

change the bike window

– How to proceed:

+ To replace the tube or tire, you need to remove the wheel, unless you patch it, you can always tip it off. Removing the front wheel is simple, just remove the brake, 2 screws (use a 15 wrench or spanner) and lift it off. A wheel with a pin or pink ear just doesn’t need the hand.

Part 5 - Bicycles Are Simple - How to Change a Bicycle Tire-1
Proceed to remove the bicycle wheel

+ Removing the rear wheel is relatively more complicated, especially for a chain brake like a Japanese mini. If you are skillful with your hands, you can try it otherwise it will heal you.

+ To remove the tire from the rim, you need a tire hook, with a big rim + big arm, you may not need a tire hook but can remove it by hand. The hook should start from the valve seat (after all air is gone and remove the valve pin screw).

Part 5 - Bicycles Are Simple - How to Change a Bicycle Tire-2
Pull the tire off the rim
Part 5 - Bicycles Are Simple - How to Change a Bicycle Tire-3
Remove the tube from the rim

+ Finished disassembling, only to install. You install 1 tire first, then insert the inner tube. Pay attention to turn the valve foot screw about ½, after the pump is inflated, then turn the stop. When pumping, you should pay attention to the pre-pump first, check if the tube is deviated or if it is clamped or not, then inflate.

Bicycle tire pressure is usually quite high, one and a half times that of motorbike or car. You should fully inflate the tire to get the tire tires in place (for twisted tanh tires, you may need to apply a little soapy water around the edge of the tire). After checking that the tire is all in, then let out a little bit of it.

With the above simple method, you can simply change the tire by yourself every time the car is in service to change the tire. If there are a lot of fumbles that are not mastered, you should observe and learn from people with long-term experience in driving to learn the sports bicycle technology generally good service for the whole process of using the car.

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