Part 6 – Bicycles are simple – Chain cleaning and maintenance

Part 6 - Bicycles are simple - Chain cleaning and maintenance

Mention chain sports bicycle line or especially the line Mountain bike Everyone is afraid, dirty, messy, messy, stained. Even if you just walk around in the urban area, after some time, it will still go black. Some other friends did not go for a long time, thrown out in the sun and rain so the chain rusted. When needed, it stiffened and just jerked out of the rack.

1.Prepare tools:

To do this, you need to prepare:

– 100cc of diesel (about 1/3 of a plastic bowl is enough). A clean chain only needs lubrication, and half of that oil is redundant.

– Old plastic bowl + old brush.

– Nylon gloves, disposable kitchen type.

– Face mask.

– Toilet paper.

– Dry towels

change the bike
Chain cleaning and maintenance involves many steps, requiring the assistance of many tools

2. Carry out cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the bicycle chain part will seem to be more difficult than cleaning the other bicycle parts. You will need to remove all the new oil from the chain before you can lubricate it. Using these two essential products helps the chain to move more smoothly and can prevent the chain jam, the drying of the chain leading to breakage. To perform the cleaning and maintenance of the chain you should do the following:

First, use a hose with a sprinkler so that you can spray off all the dirt and mud that is still on the edges and crevices of the chain. Should use low pressure hose for washing, do not use high pressure hose to blow away small components in the car. Carry out the gearing on the chain and gear in such a way that the chain can be easily accessed and cleaned.

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Use water, soap, and brushes to remove all the dirt on the chain

You can use hot water or detergent such as dish soap to remove grease, use a stiff brush to scrub the chain like a toothbrush. grease will be easily removed. You will definitely see a difference after you finish cleaning.

I use the diesel option, I use diesel for both cleaning and lubrication. A half liter diesel can be used up to 10 times for chain cleaning. You pay attention when buying oil, because the oil pump nozzle is larger than the mouth of the water bottle, so a funnel is required to pump. I don’t have a funnel, so I use a plastic Coca bottle to cut in half, fortunately the mouth is a bit smaller than usual, so it fits like a funnel.

rustling pain
Use chain lubricants

You should cover the tire rim to avoid dirty oil splashes into the tire. This cleaning should be done outdoors to reduce the smell of the oil, you should also wear a mask.

Transfer the chain to a small saucepan, wash each section with the top of a plastic bowl, and then go on to the next one. If the chain is too dirty, a new oil change may be required. After washing is complete, you should get toilet paper to dry it.

When removing chain link grease, be sure to check the chain link parts carefully to ensure that any excess grease has been removed to prevent your chain part from getting stuck in motion.

After the chain is clean, it must be lubricated, everyone will think of lubricant but it is a bad option, because the oil quickly gets dirty and makes the chain even more terrible. Some other friends used a chain spray (used for motorbikes) that cost 250k, as big as a cockroach spray.

Finally, lubricate the chain so that the chain rotates smoothly. Use a dry cloth to wipe and reduce grease from the bike, make sure the chain part is clean and dry, then apply some lubricant on it. If you add too little oil, the chain will still leak; too much will only accumulate dirt due to excess oil – so it is important to carefully read the directions on the bottle.

The above are useful shares when you want to clean the chain, you can do this at any time. bicycle cleaning mine . Regular cleaning and maintenance keep the chain life new. In addition, the chain goes for a long time, the service life will be worn, so for the chain to operate more smoothly, you should pay attention. periodically check and replace bicycle chains to better protect the gears for better movement.

If you are still fumbling about the maintenance and cleaning work, immediately learn from the experts and experienced people to detailed advice on bicycle and more efficient step-by-step maintenance.

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