Part 7 – The Bike is Simple – Handles and handlebars

Phần 7- xe đạp thật là đơn giản - tay nắm và ghi đông

In order to have a trip to ensure that the hands are not tired, the shoulders are not stretched, adjusting the handlebar, adding accessories for the five hand is very necessary. You can better equip the vehicle and get a perfect ride.

1.Additional accessories

One MTB bicycle A new purchase is often missing a few things (according to individual needs), things mounted on the car are to a minimum. There is a paradox that the more expensive a bike is, the more nothing, the most expensive cars don’t even have a pedals (then what to pedal?), And to touch what is to charge it . Some other friends took out the existing things on the car (fear heavy, and let it look like a professional trailer).

Part 7- bike is really simple - handle and handlebar
You can remove unnecessary parts and add them to the look of professional racers

So the question is, what will you actually need? How much does it cost? Usually what you buy more is about 10% of the car’s value (not including the things you wear on your body like backpacks shoes and gloves). With the cheap criterion, I often choose the cheaper things out of the options.

2.Hand handle – handlebar

The original manufacturer’s car handle is usually very simple, just a rubber tube that is anti-slip. However, with the position of controlling the MTB is part of the weight on the hands, after only a few kilometers you start to feel damp in the wrist, and the feeling of anemia numbness. Unlike the curved handlebar on a trailer that has multiple positions to change, the MTB handlebar only gives you a single horizontal position.

Male rubber bike hand
The handlebar handle is a very important part as it is the point of contact between the car and the upper body. Especially for MTB, it is the point that helps to perform difficult movements

For experienced commuters, they will add some accessories to the handlebars for more resting positions. For a moth bike user like me, just change a pair of handles and adjust the width of the handle to fit the body.

A pair of handles with palm support, effective against hand fatigue, usually priced at 100k-300k, with plastic or rubber material. Some also include a hand guard (buffalo horn) that looks very aggressive, and has the added effect of changing the grip position. With a car with a hand-held gear change, it is a bit difficult to find a satisfying grip.

When replacing the handle, the hardest part was removing the old handle. Because it is made of rubber, it is often very firm on the handlebar, many people have to use hot water soak, blow heat, use pressure from the air compressor, even use a knife. You should use a pair of woolen protective gloves to protect your hands.

When installing the handle, it is usually necessary to use the hexagon screw, because the new handle is often tightened by a metal ring. You may have to adjust after a few kilometers to find the best angle.

record the bike
Specially designed racing handlebars with resting handlebars

A rather important point I see many people leave too often, is the width of the handlebar / handle. Grip position too wide or too narrow leads to shoulder / wrist fatigue and affecting the chest. According to conventional standards:
– The width of the handlebar is about 10-15cm more than the width of the shoulder (depending on whether you install a buffalo horn device or not)
– The grip position is mounted so that the distance between the hands when holding the handle is as wide as your armpits.

Ordinary MTB cars in Vietnam often have handlebars 60-62cm wide, for men> 1.7m, it is normal, but for women it seems a bit wide. In my opinion, with a female friend over 1.6m in height, the handlebar is 56-58cm wide.

However, in order to have the most comfortable grip position, it is nothing by experimenting, you go through about 10km with different terrains to find the most comfortable position for you.

A handlebars too long may have to be cut. You use a ruler and marker to mark the two ends that need to be cut evenly. When applying, wear gloves and goggles.

You are looking to refurbish or upgrade your sports bike, but there are many questions about choosing the right handlebar. You can refer to these bicycle technical consultant from experts or bicycle shops to choose the right accessories.

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