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peace Bicycles Dreamer Step through 7 Speed D from Peace Bicycles on Vimeo .

Dreamer Step Through bike is also available as the Bike with Basket value package Dreamer Step Through - Beautiful Bike value package with Basil panniers

beautiful Step Through bicycle. We ‘re gallant of the perplex reaction our interior designer Dreamer Step Through bikes get in the streets thanks to its flawless vintage look, strange signature colors, ergonomic frame of reference geometry, color-coordinated details and luxury balloon tires. Getting on and off is a breeze with a authoritative Dutch style measure through bicycle inning design .
This model is besides available in two optional packages : bicycle with Basket ( accessorized with baskets ) and Beautiful Bicycle ( accesorized with bags, panniers and other details ).

What is a pace through bicycle ? Dreamer Step Through Bike 7-Speed D by Peace Bicycles The step through bicycle, besides known as the low-step human body or open frame, is a motorcycle that features a depleted or not real top tube. The dance step through frame was traditionally known as a womens, ladies, or girls frame by and large because of the bikes ‘ ease for riding while wearing dresses or skirts. Bike designs with a circus tent tube, besides called a Diamond Frame Bike, were known as gentlemans, mens or boys. The concept that this is a womanhood ‘s motorcycle just does not hold true anymore. These days it is common to see men riding a step through bicycle inning motorcycle and women riding a diamond bicycle frame as each is plainly a count of preference. A step through bicycle offers many advantages that are quite singular. For the passenger looking for an easy mount and dismount, the mistreat through offers a arrant solution. This makes it great for a ride that has many stops. With this type of human body there is besides less gamble of ripping or stretching your clothes when getting on and off while wearing a skirt or preen pants. This is particularly true thanks to the skirt guard and chain guard included standard with each bicycle. These kinds of bikes are besides great for aged as they ‘re easy catch on and off. besides, in the situation where a rider loses balance, they can step through the bicycle without becoming intertwined .
power. A 7-speed transmission lets you quickly accelerate from start, go fast and climb hills easier .
Commute and Cruise. Take this city bicycle out on a fashionable cruise through town, down a grassy way in the countryside, to the beach for a day of sun, or for your permute to work. But beware … heads will turn !
Spoke Guard is a standard feature on all Peace Dreamers Fully-equipped. The Dreamer Step Through bicycle comes in full equipped standard. To keep your clothes clean, there are fenders, custom chain defend and a custom spoke-guard. For your utility, there is a rear rack with leap clip for carrying things / pannier bags around. Having all these features standard saves you shopping time, money and lets you start commuting the same day .
A front light for safety is standard on Peace Dreamer Step Through Bike Safety. For your safety, we included front and back battery-powered lights to increase visibility at night, and a beautiful aureate bell for whizzing through a crowd city. A pair of double action caliper brakes assures fast, dependable brake. Plus the reflective strips on tires will make you more visible at nox.

comfort. Achieving utmost consolation is one of our main goals, so we built a high-tensile steel skeletal system that absorbs the road better and along with the raised handlebar allows for good riding position to save your back. A custom vintage spring-loaded saddleback will keep your buttocks comfortable and Schwalbe Fat Frank Balloon tires will allow for a comfortable ride even on unpaved/potholed roads. At 34 pounds, it ‘s besides lighter than most fully-equipped Dutch Bikes. There is besides a kickstand for easy parking. Learn more about why escapist measure Through Bikes are some of the best comfort bikes on the market .
Quality. The quality of our bikes can be seen in many elements including polished frame weld, stainless sword hardware, 3-layer paint, Shimano transmission, and Schwalbe Fat Frank Balloon tires made with puncture proof Kevlar guard, the highest timbre balloon tires available .
big Attention to Detail. You ‘ll besides love the attention to detail we put in the designer alloy 3D headbadge, color matching grips, charge with engrave logo and pouch hinges, and bell with engrave logo .

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