What was your first mountain bike?

1 ) Haro Extreme with lift stays and a beginning gen. Rock Shox RS-1 XT build
2 ) Titan 1/2 Trac with lift stays and a first gen. Mountain Cycles Suspender with Pro Stop disk brake XT physique
3 ) Trek 8700/8900 carbon/alum. skeletal system built up with by and large XT and another set of Mountain Cycle Suspenders
I count all of these as my “ first ” mountainbikes vitamin a far as riding. I was given all of them within a month – my first calendar month offroad riding and racing. ( I had established myself as a competitive and results oriented bi/triathlete and a Cat 2 racer with properly self market skills )

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All 3 motorcycle excelled at something and all were a blast – becoming rides back then. Used to thrash them on a huge chase network outdoor Stillwater that was groomed by outdoor MX multi champ Guy Cooper .
Gave the Haro and the Titan to friends that wanted to try mtb ( he still has and regularly rides the Titan… with my name still painted on the top tube ! )

The Trek was stolen from a motorcycle rack it was locked to from the OSU campus while I was in class never to be seen again even though carbon mtbr with big inverted forks and phonograph record brakes were pretty rare in Oklahoma at the prison term.

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immediately after the Trek was stolen I packed up a UHaul and took a job working in a worldly concern celebrated boutique mtb patronize on the Cali coast and ride and raced some of the most alien bikes and equipment around…Merlin, Yeti, Fat Chance, Fischer, Mantis, Litespeed, Slingshot, Salsa, Mountain Goat, Klien, American, etc…a different bicycle every day for years !
It was years later that I actually BOUGHT my first mtb – a customs 1 of 30 “ tribute ” titanium Fat Chance Yo ’ Eddy ! fabbed for us on special arrange by Litespeed with Chris Chance ’ s blessing as he said he had no purpose of ever offering a titanium frame ! Full 1st gen. XTR 8spd and broad Grafton/Ringle in the needed 3DV. heavily massaged pre Answer Manitou by Elite/DGI incl. Ti legs, carbon helmsman and customs 3DV anodize lowers. Everything on bicycle was carbon paper, alum, or ti. Tension Disc Pro rear wheel. I wish I had never let that one go – one of my best bud from in the day bought it from me in a moment of confusion many years ago and to this day it is his everyday independent ride with the merely change being the retirement of the tension disk rear .
Guess I was spoiled ! Lol !

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