powdercoating Molteni Orange quest

I bought an old Merckx and plan on painting it. I want to powder coat a single color (Molteni Orange). The research I have done on color matches has pulled up the following powdercoats that are supposed to be a close match to Molteni orange: PFS-500-S8 and RAL 2004, both of which are available at my local Powder coaters shop.
A couple other paint colors that are supposed to be real close are PPG global BC #61646 and Imron 60659U, but I can’t find paint chips for them to match up with. The PPG global is supposed to be the closest to Molteni from what I read.

There are some old archived threads I read, but nothing lately and I’m wondering if anyone has gone any further in this quest to match up Molteni with a powder coat color.


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