Prevent stroke by cycling every day

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Every year in our country there are hundreds of thousands of deaths caused Stroke , this number is still increasing more and more every day due to the patient’s condition high blood pressure There is a high risk of hyperlipidemia, which is especially likely to be increased in young people, not just the elderly. In order to help everyone understand and take the best preventive measures, we would like to give the most general information as well as effective prevention for everyone to improve their health.

1.Cause of stroke

A major cause of radical stroke disease This is about eating too much saturated fat and animal fat. Fast foods like fried chicken, chips, and instant noodles are high in fat. When these fats accumulate in the body, the blood vessels become thicker. But this fat also builds up into small platelet fatty plaques that cling to and block the vessel walls, not only that, the inhibitions caused by the metabolic enzyme also form clots that coagulate and block blood vessels. makes the stroke process very quick.

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A stroke has a very high risk of death

Especially for those who regularly smoke, the atherosclerosis process takes place quite quickly, in addition, it also causes the blood to become clot-clotted, leading to brain stroke and stroke quite quickly.

In addition to smoking, people who use alcohol also cause you to have high blood pressure and cholesterol, increasing the risk of stroke.

How to prevent stroke

The best way is to reform your lifestyle scientifically. The diet becomes healthier with green and low-fat foods. Do not smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink alcohol that is harmful to health. Participate in sports activities, creating a joyful spiritual life, reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases such as blood fat or obesity, high blood pressure.

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Cycling to avoid risk of stroke

Sports cycling is highly recommended by leading doctors and experts to practice it as often as possible risk of stroke and its harmful cardiovascular effects, improving blood flexibility in the arteries to prevent high blood pressure. Cycling should take anywhere from 30-40 minutes. Times and conducted 3-4 sessions / week can bring benefits for health. Before doing any sporty exercises, you should choose a bike that suits you and your preferences so that you can proceed more effectively.

Maintain the exercise with a sports bike at high endurance, do not exercise too high in the first place as it can make you dizzy, nauseous or lead to heart failure quickly. Light intensity training, speed and time can increase after a later workout when you feel your fitness is at its best.

3.Note when exercising with a bicycle

After a ride, because your body is hot, you should not shower immediately because it will cause your body to change body temperature causing you to show signs of dizziness, headache, nausea. For those people who may be paralyzed limbs or body. Be careful of sudden complications so that first aid can be taken to the patient in time to prevent the most unfortunate accident.

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Drink enough water to provide the body needed

– Should eat well to be able to replenish energy about 30 minutes before the ride. After the ride should also supplement to compensate for the body’s lack of energy.

During the ride, regularly replenish water to the body because the water loss due to excretion occurs during the ride. Drinking water every 20 minutes will help the body replenish water in time for the cells to function better.

The above are useful shares hoping to bring you and your loved ones the most useful information so that you can have the best treatment for cerebral anemia patients.

Come on come a reputable sports bike shop And choose a sports bike right for me and start exercising to improve your health today!

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