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Vintage Raleigh Grand Prix Bicycle 1976 Men’s 10 spd Lg Original Excellent LQQK! | #326707043

This is a Vintage Men ‘s Raleigh Grand Prix 10 rush English Racer, besides known as the “ Sports Roadster ” / Road Bike in Excellent Original Condition. It was handcrafted in Nottingham, England, in May, 1976, consecutive number NG6371936. I am the original and lone owner of this bicycle which I purchased new in 1976. I have tried to meticulously take manage of this bicycle since new, using it for amateur use, not for racing. It has never been in an accident or suffer mistreat of any kind. There are a few nicks and chips that you might expect of a bicycle of this senesce. It is the very attractive Sky Blue semblance combination. It features Shimano end shifters on the wield stripe so you can conveniently shift gears without taking your hands off the cover legal profession. The derailleur is a high quality Huret Challenger Derailleur. The bicycle seat is Brooks padded, made in England. The brakes are Weinmann 999 Centerpull Alloy with Extension Levers. The frame is Raleigh 20-30 High Carbon steel tubing which provides a impregnable, yet unaccented weight skeletal system. Unlike today ‘s bicycle frames which show the weld joints where frame tube is joined, this bicycle features lugged and mitered construction, with tubes inserted into attractive coupling brackets and then brazed together. The front branch is constructed with home lugs for supernumerary strength. All cable stops are brazed onto

the skeleton. The steering wheel rims are Raleigh traffic pattern hole section which provides for a double wall of steel on both side walls of the roulette wheel for extra lastingness with minimal weight. The raise hub is the celebrated and durable Sturmey-Archer 3 accelerate inner transmittance gear hub, made in England, and the front is the Normandy Sport, made in France. The wheels are 27 inch flying let go of for both movement and rear wheels. The wheels, spokes and fork are straight and solid. The brake cables and gearshift cables are corrode barren and without fraying. I took the photos outside in good fall so that you can see for yourself the great condition of this bicycle. An master dealer sales booklet is besides included. The formative clips attaching the rear wheel reflector need replacing in order to reattach the reflector ( see photograph 6 ). The bolshevik rear Cannondale saddle pack, identical functional, but faded in color, will besides be included ( see photograph 12 ). The original Raleigh booklet states : “ This Raleigh ( Grand Prix Model ) has credibly done more to popularize the lightweight 10-speed bicycle in North America than any early bicycle. ” And : “ The score of a veridical Raleigh is the Heron ‘s Head Crest and only bicycles bearing this emblem are made to the exacting specifications and all right quality standards of Raleigh ”. The men ‘s Grand Prix frames came in 3 sizes back then, when vehemence was on tall frames for most effective bicycle : 25 1/2 ”, 23 1/2 ” and 21 1/2 ” as measured from the center of the bottom bracket holding the bicycle cross bar to the top of the skeletal system ( under the saddle ). This is the 25 1/2 inch frame. The “ stand over ” acme is approximately 34 3/4 inches from the ground to the top of the crossbar. For a cool history of how raleigh Bicycles were made in Nottingham, England, check out this short british Documentary : /tag/raleigh-bikes-history/ Raleigh is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world, founded in 1887 on Raleigh Street, Nottingham. If you would like to own a piece of bicycle history, this is a adept opportunity. They do n’t make them like this anymore. Please email me with questions. Thanks for looking and thanks for your bid.

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