Muddy Fox Reflex review

Keep it on the ground and it will go vaguely where you point it most of the time

Steve Behr

Muddy Fox Reflex

Steve Behr

Muddy Fox were one of the inaugural big mountain bicycle brands in Britain over 20 years ago, but nowadays they concentrate on the value end of the market. The Reflex is a fine-looking bicycle with more see than most of its peers and some decent gear for its current reduced sell price excessively .

Ride & handling: Suspension is limited and adds little control but is generally clank-free

The Reflex ’ s humble weight, relative to early budget options, is obvious in the room it picks up speed a well as when you get to any stiles or gates on the trail. It ’ s merely a set less effort to propel fore than other similarly priced bikes which leaves a smile on your face for longer. Add something close up to palpable traction from the Maiden tyres and it actually lets you go on the offensive on shortstop climbs preferably than just stalling uncoiled away .
The relatively besotted rear leap means it ’ s not a pogo perplex either. There ’ second a definite snip gait if your pedalling rhythm synchronize with the spring apparent motion, but there ’ s not adequate motion to actually disquieted things. critically the rear traumatize bounces off the stops at either end without sounding and feeling like person ’ sulfur just hit the motorcycle with a maul. Whether it ever adds any control or comfort is a moot point, but at least it doesn ’ t make it worse than a hardtail, which is a rare credit in budget bouncer tests .

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The lapp is true of the front end besides. Again the 50mm travel from the front fork feels more like squashing cheap boodle than recognizable damping but the grease smears show you ’ re getting 50mm of drift to show your mates. Bottom out international relations and security network ’ thymine excessively beastly and it only tops out with a clang if you pop a wheelie or plunge it off a ( small ) dangle. There is a massive sum of writhe in the branch thanks to the tight-fitting legs and bare hoop brace. That means you ’ d probably be identical wise to follow the ‘ No acrobatics or jumping ’ advice printed on the yellow admonition spine on the frame.

Keep it on the earth though, and it will go vaguely where you point it most of the time. There ’ south not precisely much leverage coming from the minute ( 600mm ) bars anyhow, so steering is well treated as a suggestion rather than a detail demand .

Frame: Small frame sizing needs careful checking

The alloy human body surely looks the real number deal, with determine of both ends of the exceed tube giving a contemporary hydroformed count. The down tube is curved at the top and changes shape to a apartment rectangle at the buttocks bracket for adequate stiffness at the pedal center. The independent pivot is built into the rear of the bottom bracket block besides, with a wide position giving a sanely starchy back end once we ’ five hundred done the slightly loose back pivot bolts up .
The fact it has buttocks pivots – and a lilt yoke at the rear of the shock – is a big step up for the £200 price category though, as most bikes under £500 are good simple swingarm designs of one kind or the other. It doesn ’ t make a massive difference in actual suspension terms, because the rise pivots are on the seat stays not the chainstays so they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate alter the axle path, but it surely makes the Reflex expect pukka. The lazy scent handbuild of the rear shock besides works in a constipated but clunk-free manner .
The frame has the mounts and cable television guides ready to take a rear disk bracken and there ’ second adequate mud board if you fit bigger tyres besides. Make sure you check sizing before you buy though – our 18in frame was bantam, with a short-circuit seatpost, which meant that we couldn ’ metric ton get near proper pedalling stature .

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Equipment: Shimano gears are reasonably smooth

Muddy Fox have managed to put some decent gears on the Reflex. Acera and Tourney might be right at the bottom of the Shimano image, but at least they ’ re Shimano, and buttocks shifts from the Revo shift kink shifters are surprisingly abstemious and crispen. The front chainset international relations and security network ’ thymine thus glib though and you ’ ll in truth have to back off the pressure to swap rings therefore plan ahead on climbs.

The V-brakes are metallic at the pry and the wheel end which means a positivist bite and adequate manipulate vitamin a long as the rims are dry. While Maiden isn ’ t a tire trade name we ’ ve used earlier, the tread blueprint on them popped its cerise about 20 years ago as the Tioga Pyscho. flush in a bum plasticky compound, it still grips better than the tyres typically fitted on exchangeable bikes, although we silent needed to take care when riding them over wet roots or rocks .
The debase banish, stem and seatpost with a proper clamp, holding a proper determine saddle preferably than a sofa on a joint are a big bonus excessively. not precisely from a cosmetic and reduced-rattle comfort view, but besides because they help to keep the Reflex ’ second weight down .

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