Relief of back pain: causes and prevention for cyclists

Back pain - causes and prevention for cyclists-1

Compared to many other sports, cycling is one of those sports with a relatively low incidence of injury (external crashes and collisions) that require pedestrians to care for their backs. .

1.Rug and relieve back pain

How can you allow your legs to function on a bike, you will naturally make the assumptions that when the overuse injury will make your knee most vulnerable. A surprising thing and other studies said. It seems that the biggest culprit is not knee pain, but back pain.

Back pain - causes and prevention for cyclists-1
Lower back pain usually occurs when you ride a bike

Allowing your leg to function on a bike, you will naturally assume that when an overuse injury, it’s your knee that will be most vulnerable. Surprisingly however, research says otherwise. It seems the biggest culprit isn’t knee pain in a cyclist’s hand – lower back pain.

When Norwegian scientists investigated 116 professional cyclists and they looked at the types of overuse injuries in the previous year, some surprising facts emerged. With 94% of people being injured excessively during that period.

Here’s a more in-depth and interesting discovery

-45% of all lower back injuries

-23% of injuries were caused by knee injuries

-58% of all cyclists have experienced lower back pain in the previous 12 months

-41% of all cyclists have sought medical attention for back pain

One surprising thing about these results is that cycling is a low impact sport and is frequently used by people with back pain. So why is lower back pain so common among cyclists for many hours on the saddle.

2.Don’t blame your bike all the way

Sometimes the right fit for your bike is not the right one for you, but it is not always the cause of back pain. A correct bike setup is the key to your health (but we’ll get to that later) in our studies of top-notch cyclists. They will be supervised by national coaches with advanced vehicle conditions, so the wheel model is inaccurate to get a factor.

Back pain - causes and prevention for cyclists-2
Wrong settings on the bike can cause back pain

In one study, scientists also demonstrated that cyclists who exhausted their sternum tendons and muscles gradually became fatigued (not as expected). This fatigue seems to induce undesirable changes in motor motor patterns and then affects the degree of return. Specifically to the extent to which cyclists tend to bend forward in the lumbar region and including their knees.

For the more tired cyclists, the worse their legs became.

  • Impaired spinal movements

One of the other studies looking at the effects of keeping a forward curled position on the muscles after stress is important in helping to maintain correct posture and stability in the lower back.

A new discovery of prolonged periods of stress is that when a cyclist falls into a resting state, these muscles will later become less effective at generating the forces needed to maintain stability. of the spine as well as posture.

Multiple evidence suggests that results come from Australian studies comparing nine healthy (asymptomatic) cyclists and 9 cyclists with chronic lower back pain. To sum it up, the researchers found that cyclists in the group tended to increase excess back flexion (transitional lower back flexion), which reduced the activity of low muscles called multifidus – substances that were given. is the main stabilizer of the spine lumbar.

  • Body fatigue can lead to lower back pain

The concept of a pattern of spinal movement when weak is the main cause of back pain in cyclists has also been supported by Belgian researchers, which found that cyclists Their cyclists and people with chronic low back pain also tend to bend a lot in the lumbar position. They also tend to experience a steady increase in pain over a two-hour period compared to healthy cyclists.

Scientists also have concluded that instead of poor cycling settings the cyclist’s motor control models lose control at lumbar swing, which also leads to movement patterns. worse . Especially having too many bends leading to lower back pain.

3.Improve core strength to address back pain

The above evidence also shows that in fact cyclists need strength at the lower back as well as the core to be able to avoid the results of irregular movements.

Back pain - causes and prevention for cyclists-3
Back exercises help relieve aches and pains

The above evidence points to the fact that cyclists need to be strong at the lower back and core to avoid being subjected to the results of irregular travel patterns. Among professional cyclists who engage in research will inevitably make the majority of their bike damage. Recreational cyclists should also keep in mind that many of their throne hours are not for a saddle. Leaning at the desk while working can also be devastating to the back and lose weight. If you spend many hours in your car working in the car, you should try to optimize your settings so that you can maintain a straight position. not slip or rotate.

4. Choose the correct frame geometry

Although low back pain often occurs due to weakness or improper movement due to fatigue, you should evaluate your bike as it can also be a contributing factor to your pain.

Choosing a bike frame with the right shape that will ensure the correct riding position on the bike are two factors to minimize unwanted load on your lower back as well as your knees, shoulders, and neck. Once you look at the adjustments your bike can fit into position, make sure you’re riding with a geometry that suits you.

All the different parameters shown below will also affect the behavior of the bike, but the seat tube, head pipe and head length need to match the dimensions of your body. .

With a long tube overhead, or approach elongated by a long stem. May increase your chances of low back pain. So it is also possible to drop too much from the saddle onto the handlebars often created with a short spool or remove all of your buffers under the stem creating a low stack.

Back pain - causes and prevention for cyclists-4
Dimensions parameters on bicycle frame

A Seat tube length

B Head length

C Angle of pipe

D Corner of chair legs

E Presser foot

F Rear center

G Bearing bracket

H Head length

The car settings are optimized to minimize the risk of injury. If you are satisfied sitting in the right geometry frame you need the correct settings. Below are the factors to consider.

The height of the saddle is set so that when the foot at the lowest point of the pedal is bent. Do not move sideways during rotation and you do not need stretches at the bottom of the cycling journey.

Should be placed parallel to the floor, with moderate inclination, often this very small inclination can be completely helpful for those who experience pressure.

Rear saddle with pedals adjusted so that it is possible at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock with a vertical line falling behind the outer knee area of ​​the front knee should pass through the shaft pedal bike.

The handrails should be adjusted so you don’t have to stretch on your approach or feel limited when they’re too close to your body. You should be able to reach the handlebars comfortably from an upright position, and your elbows should be slightly bent when resting on them.

In addition, you can also choose which gear of your choice to be able to match the terrain, also means you can avoid having to load your muscles and joints with excessive pressure.

The above are extremely useful shares, if you are a cyclist, you should read and consider these shares immediately to help yourself get rid of back pain caused by cycling. If you are new to cycling a first note is recommended choose the right sports bike with his physique as well as appearance to get the best experience.

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