Review of Giant brand bicycles and buying advice

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Giant is the largest bicycle brand in the world – has confirmed its position in the global bicycle industry. The name Giant is also for users who can imagine the huge giant and the great stature of the nature. Currently the most outstanding of Giant bicycle brand Professional road and mountain bicycles are highly appreciated by professionals with the best quality and become one of the most desirable to buy for anyone.

1. History eelg Giant bike brand

The Giant bicycle brand was formed in the 1972 by the manufacturer King Liu and a number of friends to collaborate and develop on the brand .Giant started as an original equipment manufacturer and bike maker. Bicycles are sold under other brand names such as Schwinn. The first Giant-branded bicycles appeared on the market in 1981, first appearing in Taiwan then in Europe, North America and elsewhere in the global region.

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Giant brand has a long history of 40 years and is the number 1 giant bicycle man in the world

Until now, Giant sports bike brand has continued to create iconic models such as the Cadex 980 road bike and in 1987 was considered the world’s first carbon-fiber-built road bike. And the late 1990’s ATX One DH downhill combined a distinctive look with 8-inch fork travel in a simple shaft design.

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Other latest innovations include what Giant calls the late 90s SmallRoad design that combines a steep top tube with a triangle smaller than the rear to create a lighter and more rigid chassis. , faster response and tapered OverDrive head tube (2006) stiffness.

A Giant bicycle is composed of many components, most of the accessories are manufactured by Giant itself or imported from famous brands such as Sram, Shimano, Campaglono, Kenda ..

Along with the continuous development so far, Giant has also become the largest sports bicycle company in the world with factories located in Taiwan, China and the Netherlands. In Vietnam market, when you see a car with a brand name such as made in China or made in Taiwan, as long as it is a genuine Giant distribution store, you do not have to worry much!

2.The Giant brand bicycles

Giant Defy is a perfectly structured and perfect road bike. Naturally, Giant has many other options such as road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross, city bike and even electric bike line. Giant even makes a range of bikes for women and sells it under the Liv brand. Just recently, Giant also introduced a separate collection of gender bicycles such as Giant ineed 1500, giant Mocha ..) It is indeed that Giant is aiming for a very wide coverage that covers all products. products intended for users.

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The Trance Advanced is a popular mountain bike

Giant road bikes include aerodynamic racing bikes like the Propel, light racing bikes like TCR Advanced power focus models like the Defy Advanced all rounders like Contend, and triathlon-TT models like Trinity Advanced.

There’s also a wide range of bikes with drop bars to ride on the cobblestone trail including Revolt and AnyRoad models with alloy frames, and flexible spiral models like the TCX Advanced. on adventures or touring but looking for cross bars consider the ToughRoad range, which comes with front and rear shelves.

For mountain bikers with a similar range of options, popular racers across the country will be interested in Anthem’s XC models and XTC’s hardtails, while pedestrians will want to look. into the Trance and Stance range of full suspension or Fathom hardtails, downhillers have a choice of Reign and Glory models.

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Road Giant E + electric bike

Giant’s Road-E + model made testers extremely excited .Giant has also improved and evolved to the e-bike line. Road E + bikes with top speeds of up to 28mph, the Road-E + which its tester said it was “like a god” on the Austrian Kitzbüheler Horn, the mountain bike Dirt-E + Hardtail and Full-E + full suspension mountain bike.

In the end don’t miss Giant’s hydrid and city bikes. These bikes include the Giant Escape series with a slim frame system for higher speeds.

3. Does Giant do anything other than the bike?

In addition to the manufacture of bicycles, Giant also designs and manufactures a wide variety of Giant-branded clothing and accessories and accessories including saddle bags, water bottles, mini laptops, lights, locks, bicycle bells, Children’s shorts, shoes, helmets and hydrate packs.

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Giant’s professional bicycle clothing is loved by many

4. Where to buy Giant bicycle?

The current bicycle market is very diversified, with the most sophisticated machining capabilities from China, it is inevitable that Giant bicycles are 80-90% imitated.

To be able to buy genuine, quality-assured Giant bicycles, you should go to Giant’s bicycle shops, which now has more than 12,000 retailers worldwide.

Bicycles World is proud to be a distributor of genuine Giant bicycles in Vietnam, along with many other famous sports bicycles from brands such as Twitter of Germany, Trinx of China, Fornix of China , Fujisan from Japan, Vaenger from the USA ..

Currently we have 2 showrooms at:


12A – Alley 116 – Nguyen Xien – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi

Tel: (84.24) 6686 9919

Fax: (84.24) 66869919




540/6 – Cach Mang Thang 8 – District 3 – Ho Chi Minh

Tel: 0932.662.886


For more information, please contact hotline: 0979.83.9922 or 024.6686.9919

5.Some of the best-selling Giant bicycles in the Vietnamese market today

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Giant Ineed 1500 bicycle

As a new line of women’s sports bicycles to be launched in a separate collection, these bikes have the style of previous Japanese mini-bikes. It is more modernly renovated when there is no single-speed movement like in a mini car, but the Shimano 7speed theme so you can completely enjoy walking around, traveling to experience with longer distances without ever fatigue, save more time.

The components such as the stem, saddle, pedal … are genuine Giant produced with high durability.

Giant ATX 735 sports bike version 2018 gives users a new experience with hydraulic oil brakes, 27-speed Shimano M370 theme for an unlimited experience, Giant’s exclusive ALUXX aluminum alloy frame . The car is the perfect choice of configuration in the mid-range price range.

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Giant ATX 735 sports bike

Giant ATX 735 bicycle gives users a completely new experience. The most prominent feature is still the Giant Aluxx ATX7 frame that sports good impact resistance.

The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic Giant fork with a flexible control lock that is able to adjust to different terrain types smoothly and safely. Details such as the stem, saddle and genuine Giant handlebars provide durability with five months of good impact resistance if participating in sports activities.

A completely new experience when the Giant STX 735 gives users the experience with the 27-speed Shimano M370 theme, the movement system with the help of the Shimano CS-HG200 cork combined with the Giant 44/32 disc thigh / 22T provides smooth, precise movement to every gear shift.

Bicycle brand evaluation and advice to buy -7
Bike Review Giant Escape SL2

If you intend to travel in the city, to work, the Giant Escapde SL3-2018’s slim and compact design will bring your satisfaction. The car is designed with a lightweight ALUXX aluminum alloy frame slender with high mechanical strength with the best resistance to impact.

The all-new Tektro oil brake system offers a smoother, lighter brake feel suitable for on the road in the city, while still providing a sense of safety even in slippery conditions. It is a Shimano 8speed thread that provides a stronger, more perfect support so you can experience more. The saddle-padded seat system helps to prevent fatigue when traveling on the road. long .

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