Richie Schley lands Sprindex: An adjustable spring rate coil for your MTB shock

Sprindex is a new jump system for gyrate mountain motorcycle shocks that, for the first base time, will allow the rider to adjust and fine tune the leap rate of their coil shock, without changing the coil. What is the spring rate, you ask ? spring rate is the sum of system of weights required to compress a form 1 inch. Rider weight, riding style and terrain are all factors that might make one privation to adjust the bounce rate of their suspension. Coil shocks are widely regarded as victor to air shocks for rise wheel suspension but their hardheaded serviceability has suffered greatly from a miss of adjustability, until nowadays .

Sprindex adjustable spring rate coil

In order to change the bounce rate on a coil shock you have to swap out the coil for an wholly new one. It costs a fortune of money of course and coils only tend to be available in 50 lb/in increments, though some are available in 25 lb/in increments. What are the chances of either the 400 lb/in or 450 lb/in coil having the perfect spring rate for you as an individual ? Pretty slender is my think, specially considering that a 10 lb/in remainder is all that is required to see a noticeable remainder in demeanor. That ’ s before you even start to consider terrain factors. A casual pedal around the chase center is likely to have a different optimum spring rate to a sidereal day of dedicate descend at the Atherton Bike Park, for exemplar .
The lack of adjustability leads to riders generally opting for coils which are a little on the stiffly side, as it is preferable to riding one that is excessively easy and might therefore bottom out besides easily. Thus, deplorably, many riders are out shredding on suboptimal spring rate gyrate shocks, and not making use of the full stroke length .

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Reading: Richie Schley lands Sprindex: An adjustable spring rate coil for your MTB shock

To adjust the Sprindex handbuild spring pace, hold the coil with one hand and wrench the dial with your other hand, or vice versa. The bounce pace value is identified by the print count on the handbuild displayed through the dial open. The Sprindex coil international relations and security network ’ t directional so you can fit it in any direction in order to optimize approachability for alteration.


spring rate is determined by 4 factors : wire diameter, coil diameter, coil material, and the number of active coils. The Sprindex coil leap rate is adjustable through altering the count of active coils in the give, and it can be done on the trail by hand without any tools. Fewer active coils makes for a stiff spring, while more active voice coils make for a softer spring.

The Sprindex springs are allegedly lighter and more durable than ordinary steel springs as they ’ re made with the highest ductile steel available, with each coil designed for the stress of the highest possible adjusted give pace .

Pricing & Availability

To ensure there is a Sprindex handbuild for as many coil shocks that are on the grocery store as possible, three unlike coil lengths are available ; a 55mm throw XC/Trail coil, a 65mm stroke enduro coil, and a 75mm stroke DH coil. All are available at local anesthetic dealers and calculate from Sprindex for $ 140 a dad. Sprindex provide a quite across-the-board chart on their web site specifying which Sprindex fits specific coil shocks, including Marzocchi, Fox, MRP, DVO, X-Fusion, Cane Creek, Ohlins, Rockshox and Push .

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