Road bicycle brake maintenance: brake caliper system

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If you have a ring bike, chances are you will have a brake caliper system. This brake accumulator provides better braking power and is more powerful than the single-axle brake on older bikes. They are also easier to adjust and keep the brake pads at equal distances from each position of the rim increases brake wear color and improves efficiency. In the below article, we will guide you can self road bike brake maintenance at home in the simplest and easiest way.

1.What preparation is done before the road bike brake maintenance?

Checking and maintaining the brakes is very easy. First step into the maintenance process, you need to clean and sanitize the brakes to remove dirt from the brake. Mud is the main cause, when they cling to the brakes will make performance decrease. Especially when traveling in rainy conditions, the more mud and dirt have a chance to cling to the brakes. After riding when it rains, when the mud is still wet, the car should be washed to let the mud drift away.

Checking and maintaining the brake charger is very easy. All you need is an Allen wrench set with a custom wrench. It is recommended to check the brake wear regularly, then it is possible to arrange the gasket on the wheel wheel, even if both pads are in contact with the brake surface at the same time to know that the gasket has copper contact. even with the rim surface or not?

2. Carry out maintenance of the road bicycle brake

Road bicycle brake maintenance -1
Use the right size Allen wrench so you can check the brake pads of the car

It is recommended to periodically check the brake wear. If the gasket has worn out unevenly or has worn out more than half of your original depth then it’s time to replace it. To be able to replace the gasket, remove the brake pad with an Allen wrench as shown above with the correct dimensions. Slide the pad out, slide the new pad and tighten the retainer. If the pad and gasket are attached in one complete block, they should be completely replaced.

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Road bicycle brake maintenance -2
Use an Allen wrench to be able to fasten the brake pad on the pad

Align the brake pads with the brake surface, the brake pads must be carefully aligned with the brake surface on the rim of the wheel. If they are too high they can rub and damage the tire. If left too low, they will wear unevenly. To attach the brake pads loosen the night pad on the pad with the appropriate 5m Allen wrench. Align the pad with the brake surface and remove the brake pads slowly.

Road bicycle brake maintenance -3
Use an Allen wrench to be able to tighten the screw in the center position of the brake

At the center of the brake, this brake pad must be in simultaneous contact with the brake surface. Check by gently pulling the lever until one or both of the spacers can touch the surface of the brake. If they are not touching at the same time, it can be easily adjusted by rotating the adjustment screws placed on the caliper arms. While gently squeezing the brake hammers in and out, turn the screws in each direction as needed until your pad is centered.

Road bicycle brake maintenance -4
Squeeze the lever to check if the gasket has good braking?

Adjusting the stroke of the brake lever is performed. The distance you pull the brake lever is a real personal preference. However, we usually recommend squeezing with a distance of halfway towards the steering wheel. If you pull the brake too far towards the steering wheel you can adjust it very simply with one of the small adjustments below.

Road bicycle brake maintenance -5
Loosen the brake cable retention screw so you can slide the cable through easily

First use an Allen wrench to be able to loosen the screw in the brake cable position so that the cable can be pulled and pulled through easily without any restrictions or restrictions.

Road bicycle brake maintenance -6
Pull the brake cable so that the brake pads engage the rim

Pull the cable so that the sides of the splint come close so that the gasket touches the edge. While you are doing this the brake cord will be able to slide through the fixing pin. Perform fastening the fixation pin to the cable and release the lever.

Road bicycle brake maintenance -7
Turn and adjust the cable knob

Perform rotation and adjustment of the cable knob to be able to move the inlet or outlet brake tension needed to modify the displacement of the brake lever system. This is easily done by rotating the barrel adjuster. Proceed to turn clockwise or counterclockwise until the brake lever can travel half the distance to the steering wheel.

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Shimano’s brake release mechanism

With Shimano’s brake release mechanism there is a feature that allows you to easily remove the braking force from the wheel without making any permanent brake adjustments. Simply move the brake release mechanism to the upright position and your brakes will be safe enough that you can sport your wheels. When you replace the wheel part be sure to move the mechanism quickly – drop back to the closed position.

If you are new to cycling and do not have a lot of aerobic skills, please refer to experienced sports cyclists to accumulate and learn more. sports bicycle repair techniques Please!

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