Road bike for beginners

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Cycling on the road seems to be one of the great activities, and you can fully upgrade it to more levels in the future. You can use them to get around in the city, or simply experience the speed with great racing tracks. Some of the following shares will hopefully be helpful for new cyclists.

1. Choose a road bike

Cars regular long-distance cycling Designed to fit away with smooth surfaces. The design of the frame is light and fast and designed to be ridden on the paved surface. They typically have non-curved rest rails like the 700c wheeled wheels. Most long-distance bicycles have a frame designed with materials such as steel, titanium or carbon fiber.

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A lot of people love road bikes that can be used to go to work and to travel in big cities

When buying a bike make sure it is right for you. Road bikes are sold in a variety of frame sizes at their respective base heights and heights. There are considerations that will influence your choice of bike including how you plan to ride (for fun, race or commute).

When buying a bike make sure it’s right for you. Bicycles are sold in a variety of frame sizes, at the basic level, corresponding to height and body length. When you climb on your bike’s top tube, you want about 1 inch of boundary between the body and the top tube (if the bike is equipped with a traditional straight pipe that is straight parallel to the ground).

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2. What to wear when riding a road bike

Should choose an outfit Bicycle racing it should be able to secure and improve the dynamics not to obstruct the wind. It is also designed with comfort in mind for cycling. Shirts often have front zipper lockers for adjustable ventilation, shoulders and sleeves designed for arm comfort, back pockets for easier measurement and safe when Ride . Bicycle pants are usually overalls or high-waistband types with soft, cushioned lining to provide comfort in the saddle during long-term riding.

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Choose clothes that are weather-appropriate and comfortable to help you ride better

The road cycling suit fits tightly so it improves your aerodynamics and doesn’t flap in the wind. It is also designed for comfort on the bike. Shirts usually have front zipper lockers for adjustable ventilation, shoulders and sleeves designed for arm comfort, back pockets allow for easy walking and longer cuts for coverage when Ride. The bike, overalls and leggings had plenty of room for full mobility and included a soft, padded liner, known as a chamois, to provide comfort in the saddle.

When riding in the car you can prepare to include a number of items:

  • 1 waterproof bra
  • 1 short-sleeved shirt
  • 1 high waist pants or overalls
  • Fingerless gloves with soft cushion
  • Hand and knee protection
  • Windbreaker

All can be neatly packed in a bag or bag that is moisture resistant. If you go at night, you can find reflective clothing to help road users recognize your presence.

3. Prepare spare parts for road cycling

3.1 Road Helmets

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The helmet is designed with a high aerodynamic ability to provide good wind avoidance

All these helmets need to meet specific safety standards. Factors that make your car more comfortable are ventilation, absorbent pads to control moisture, pins that tighten or loosen helmet straps to the ends of the car. You, a chin strap is easily adjustable.

Some current helmets feature MIPS technology, a layer of low friction and can slide independently from the outer case and limit the force of rotation when the helmet collides with the surface at an angle. there.

3.2 Bicycle shoes

Road bike for beginners -4
Bicycle shoes are also one of the most important determinants of cycling performance

Cycling shoes are often paired with compatible pedals that keep your bike safe on the bike. This is the combination of the stand that provides excellent control with minimal pedal power.

Go to specialized bicycle shoe stores to choose for yourself the best shoes.

3.3 Road bicycle tools

Road bike for beginners -5
A mini repair kit is always needed on the go

The tire of a road bike is one of the important considerations when riding a road bike. Be sure to bring a spare tire, tire lever and a mini pump. Prepare a necessary cycling kit so that it can be repaired in time.

3.4 Street lights and reflective lights

Black headlights and taillights are two essential lights for use at night and in bad weather. Additionally, headlights are basic safety models that can help drivers see you in dim light.

The taillights are designed to help drivers or riders see you from behind. Bicycle tail lights are usually red, and most have steady flashing.

You can buy lights with reflectors attached to your bike, pants, and helmets.

3.5 Water bottles and water bottle holders

Road bike for beginners -6
You can carry as many water mines as you want in one easy and compact

You should prepare a bottle of water to be able to provide water to the body when needed. A bottle of at least water with a capacity of 500ml. If you are driving longer in hot weather consider bringing a small hydration pack to replenish your water in time. never felt heavy on his travels.

4. Driving a road bike

4.1 How can I ride a road bike?

+ Bicycle racing rhythm:

Road bike for beginners -7
Know how to maintain a steady rhythm while riding, use the right gears to ride at the best speed

As the terrain changes on your trip, you need to change the gear portion in order to be able to maintain a steady beat. Under most conditions, it is most effective to be able to pedal 80-100 rpm. Since you can turn the pedal at a faster or slower speed, you can get tired quickly. If you find it difficult to pedal at a medium speed then you may be riding in a too high saddle, as long as you can switch to the lower gear. The same can happen when you pedal too quickly or without problems – it’s time to switch to a more difficult device.

+ How to switch gears:

Up to 5 main parts on a standard racing bike allow you to change gears easily. These include :

– Front chain

-The rear roller

– Chain

The left shift unit controls the front banana part while the adjuster on the right side can adjust the rear rack. Using your left side switch can increase pedal resistance, while using your left shifter will be adjustable. Ideally when you feel it These little bit of resistance are not so much that can not be cycled a smooth one.

The only changes that when you step on and use some of the transformers can lead to deviation, deviation or splay of the chain off the chute. Also, when you do not choose a correct gear your chain will be in a cross-chute state and the disc causes chain breaks, affecting the gears.

Try to predict the terrain and make changes before you need it. Approach the stop and move up and down. That way you can easily start switching and go better.

4.2 Technique of road braking

Usually the front brake Roadbike car controlled by left lever and rear brake can be controlled by right lever. For road cyclists it is best to brake at the same time.

4.3 Centralized controls

Always keep your eyes focused on the forward with a good distance, easily spot the turn of obstacles encountered on the road. Never look down at the part of your wheel but instead keep your eyes and focus on the direction you want to go. Avoid bending your head and staring at the obstacles you want to avoid, but extend your reach to control it.

4.4 Master the rules when riding

Road bike for beginners -8
Practice using hand cues when cycling

Never ride your bike like you would walk or run, but always move safely in traffic to avoid hazards such as a car, pothole or the curb. Move immediately into the left lane when there are too many dangerous vehicles such as cars. If riding with friends, follow a certain lane close to the curb to avoid crossing.

As a bicyclist, you should learn the rules for hand signaling and road traffic laws so that you can warn your drivers, those traveling with you, to ensure safe traffic.

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