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The tire size will be written immediately on the side of the tires. 99 % certain you have 27 ” x 1 1/4. But double match before you buy anything. To count speeds, count the count of gears in the back and multiply by total in the front. It looks like you have a 10 speed, but hard to see in the photograph.

On brake pads, what everyone seems to agree is best is Kool Stop Salmons. There ‘s a couple versions depending on how they mount to your brakes. I think the expressive style you need are the “ continental ” ones. Google it and you ‘ll find it. Just do n’t buy any no-name pads your local bicycle shop class offers for $ 2 a musical composition.

On bar record, I like basic “ phellem ” tape. Any bicycle workshop should have something for $ 5- $ 10. You do n’t need the fancy thrust. It ‘s got a little padding, will keep your hands dry if your not wearing gloves, and comes in every color. Just do n’t get white as it will pick up dirt and dirt very quick and become “ grey ”.

On tires, there ‘s a fortune to choose from. For lastingness, I actually like Schwalbe Marathons, Continental Gatorskins, and Specialized Armadillos. however, none of these are cheap. $ 30 – $ 50 each. There are a batch of others out there and most bicycle shops will have something for $ 15 – $ 30. You want something with a kevlar belt. possibly some of the early commenters hera will post their recommendations.

however, if the tires on the bicycle now are in good shape ( no cracks in the sidewalls, enough of step left field ), there is another choice. You can get tubes called “ thorn insubordinate tubes ” for $ 5 – $ 10 each. basically just a tube with much slurred rubber. They ‘re a spot heavy, but on this bicycle you wo n’t in truth detect and they are a bunch more durable than a regular tube. Option C is something called “ tire liners ” ( Mr. Tuffy is the biggest mark ). These are hard strips that go inside your tire on top of the metro and give you the equivalent of a belted run down. I do n’t recommend them for super high coerce racing tires, but that ‘s not what you ‘re doing anyhow. One dainty thing is that these do n’t wear out, so you can move them from one run down to another as you wear out tires. I credibly prefer the tire liners over the blockheaded metro, but they ‘re a little slippery to install.

On saddles, the new gender specific saddles should be an improvement. But be warned that saddles are very personal. What one person says is great will be identical uncomfortable to person else, and higher price does not inevitably mean more comfortable. The best thing is if you have a patronize that happens to have a few installed on bikes and will let you ride around the block to try it out. unfortunately, there ‘s no science to figuring what fits you best, you ‘ve just got to try some. besides note that if you have n’t ridden in a long time, your butt ‘s not going to like any charge at first. It will get a lot more comfortable as your body gets used to it. That said, if the seat is calm hurting after a week or two of regular rides, try something else. If should feel comfortable reasonably promptly or it probably does n’t fit you well.

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