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I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate read BQ so I ’ thousand unfamiliar with their spork conclusions. What I do have is four years of address experience on the original Spork ( which was on the MAP ) and the new 2.0 Spork which is on the fresh Donkey. Our philosophy is this : The fork is not the put we build conformity into our bikes. A fork must be potent adequate to resist the considerable forces that a magnetic disk brake exerts onto the pitchfork blade. A fork must besides be extremely potent – particularly if the fork is rated for carrying cargo and heavy riders off road as ours is. The more flex you build into your branch the less accurate the manage will feel and the more potential it has to shudder under hard brake .
We build our frames and forks with the same finish in mind : They are to be stable, inert platforms on which to build a dispatch bicycle. They are neither buttery compliant or harsh. Where we tune the feel of our bikes is the components, wheels, and tires that we build a motorcycle with. A frame must transmit pedaling forces efficiently to the rear wheel. We ride our gravel bikes on everything from fast road rides to singletrack trails and we want them to feel like effective, promptly machines when we ride them on the road.

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If you want your Traildonkey or Flaanimal to be overtly compliant then take a careful spirit at how you build it up. Use a carbon paper seatpost for add flex in the rear. Select a saddle with compliant qualities ( such as a C13 ). Forego the carbon root as it doesn ’ t do much for complaisance. Do chose a carbon barroom if you would like submission. The same applies to bar tape, etc ( 3mm v 1.5mm ). But the individual most crucial locate to tune your ride ( in my personal experience ) is the wheels and tires. We build 100 % of our bikes with tubeless tires and tubeless tires allow us to safely tune our bore pressures anywhere between 20psi on bombastic volume tires up to about 50-70 pounds per square inch on smaller tires. A 40mm tire at 25-35psi is extremely comfortable and compliant no topic which frame or fork you run it on. This besides relates to the reason that we developed our own carbon paper rims. We wanted rims that held up well to lower tire pressures use whereas aluminum rims tend to dent or lose their true when abused. The smasher of tubeless is that you can tune the drive feel of your bicycle with run down selection and air blackmail. We actively encourage newfangled owners to experiment with their bore choice and tire pressure to help discover different ways their motorcycle can feel. Both the Donkey and the Flaanimal can feel like a stiff, fast road motorcycle or a lavish, comfortable perplex machine with just a few tweaks to tires / coerce.

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Was the MAP revue done on Compass tires ? We don ’ t tend to run Compass tires tubeless because we ’ ve seen at least a half twelve blow off the rim in the construct stand. possibly they ’ ve improved this but we haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate gone back to try another set up recently. Compass tires do feel great with latex paint tubes but with metro one must be careful with tire imperativeness to keep from crimp flatting. If they were running tubes and higher pressures that could be a induce for a more tauten ride. Another think would be that they may be more use to riding higher offset steel touring forks which have a lot of built-in flex. I could imagine carbon and steel forks having well different ride feel.

Parting think : We tend to get a draw of feedback from our owners over clock time and never has a customer written us to tell us that our frames or forks feel harsh .

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