Shimano trickles down trek & trail versatility with new Deore, Alivio, Acera & Altus groups

always one to adapt their top-level technical school into the more low-cost groupsets that sell to a huge swat of the grocery store and end up specification ’ five hundred as OEM on tons of entry to mid flat bikes, Shimano has barely announced a new round of updates to their budget friendly off-road groupsets. From Deore down to Altus, these workman ’ randomness groups all get a spot of reshaping and updating to more closely mimic the expect and operation of the top flush XT & XTR groups. But while the new groups get minor makeovers and the newfangled X-thousand serial designations, they stick with their stream 10 & 9 speed variations and actually only take on a few subtle changes. Out of the bunch the newly Deore M6000 does add Boost spacing, and the familiar non-standard 4-bolt chainrings, plus a newly 11-42 10 accelerate cassette that will probable see a draw of use shoehorned into early older groupsets. Check out all that is modern after the jump…

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Deore M6000

Deore is Shimano ’ s budget group that ends up on everything from entry-level batch bikes to commuters to touring & trekking bikes. Sticking with 10 amphetamine spacing, it misses out on the compatibility with the higher end groups that it had for many years, but does get more range with new crankset & cassette offerings .

Its crank will now come in the unevenly spaced 4-bolt in either double ( 38/28T, 36/26T, 34/24T ) or triple ( 40/30/22T ) configurations. The doubles besides offer a translation with Boost spacing moving the spider 3mm outboard motor to match up with wide buttocks ends. To complement the new cranks, Deore gets a new 11-42 10-speed cassette to go with the more typical 11-36/34/32 offerings. While former derailleur versions were limited to a soap 36T cog, we ’ five hundred guess to guess that this new ( and low-cost ) CS-HG500 11-42 cassette will see a batch of riders with existing 10 accelerate groups maxing out their b-tension screws to see if they can squeeze it into their current 10 rush drivetrains .

previously Deore derailleurs came in a couple of versions with only the mid duration batting cage being available with a clutch. now all Deore rear derailleurs will get the Shadow+ technical school to deliver improved chains memory and less noise. Up front there will even be multiple derailleur swing options ( top, down & side ) with 5 mount types to suit any frame .
Shifting itself looks unchanged, as does hydraulic brake, although they claim higher leverage levers and heat isolate calipers that let you use Shimano ’ sulfur Ice Tech brake pads arsenic well .

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Deore hubs are by and large unchanged deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. But although the spectacles we were given don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate indicate a Boost version to match the cranks, the overall groupset photograph does show a thru-axle rear hub which would be a first for the Deore flat. It ’ s indecipherable if Boost hub spacing will make it down this far .

Alivio M4000

Alivio sticks with 9 speed, but now adds a new 2x crankset. The newfangled double uses the lapp popular 36/22T shape of the higher groups and gets the 3mm across-the-board spacing of Boost to clear larger tires better ( whether or not they are specification ’ d on bikes with Boost rear hub ), plus a two-piece construction with 24mm axle. Alivio besides adds two more teeth to the cassette – bringing it up to an 11-36 9 focal ratio ( another decent upgrade for those out there running the previously biggest 9 accelerate 11-34 ), and adds a side swing front derailleur option for improved bore clearance .

Acera M3000

Out of those updates, Acera gets the like 36/22T double with Boosted spacing, but swaps in a squarely candle BB. Otherwise it gets a little sceneshifter update, and can share the same front derailleur and wide range cassette .

Altus M2000

At the lower level, Altus is the only one to add a gear, making the startle up to 9 accelerate. With a 40/30/22T crankset, the fresh 3×9 drivetrain gets a boastfully bump up in technical school, even nowadays coming with a direct-mount expressive style Shadow rear derailleur.

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The new batch & trekking groups will hit the shops in May 2017, with Altus debuting a month earlier in April .

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