Should buy folding bicycle or not? Where to buy reputable?

Có nên mua xe đạp gấp hay không

Today, folding bicycles are one of the best ways to get around the city. In addition, they are very convenient and can be taken anywhere, you can completely fold them and fit the trunk of your car while traveling.

Wherever you go, it can take a few minutes for your bike to be fully opened and installed. For commuters they can pack them in bags and put them on the train then head to the station and pedal to the office again … Here are the reasons to be able to answer the question “should buy folding bike no? “

1.Why should I buy a folding bike?

1.1 The folding bike is easy to use

Should I buy a folding bicycle or not -1
Folding bike is convenient when traveling in the city

Folding bicycles are easy for anyone to use, they don’t require a driver’s license nor a set of rules. But be patiently wear a helmet for safety as most bicycle-related injuries result from head injury incidents.

1.2 Benefits

Should I buy a folding bicycle or not -1
Convenient, easy to carry

For now, you just need to fold up your bike and carry it in your home or office. You can easily place it on a certain corner or under a staircase. You don’t have to carry a full and heavy bike. Forget the days when you locked your car on the block hoping it was there when you get back.

1.3 Good for health and the environment

The amount of carbon emissions into the environment is huge with the participation of vehicles and motorcycles, they gradually destroy our fresh environment. Therefore, we need to control the percentage of carbon in the air. Reducing the amount of fuel emissions from motorbikes and cars is extremely necessary, so cycling can be said to be the best way to contribute to improving the environment, good for health.

A lot of studies show that cycling is good for the cardiovascular system, a lot of blood circulation brings oxygen to the brain also helps to make the mind clear and comfortable. In addition, it also helps the musculoskeletal system to be strong and reduces diseases of the bones and joints.

1.4 Economy

Should I buy a folding bike or not -3
Save storage space

You don’t need to buy fuel for the folding bikes, no garage or parking space to store your car. There is also no need to pay road fees or insurance premiums. Of course, all the annual maintenance and maintenance costs for motorbikes and cars … All these money are saved quite a bit for you to spend on other purposes.

1.5 Low maintenance costs

Keeping your tires, pumping them regularly and checking for good care is all there is to it. Of course, the above maintenance costs significantly reduce savings and bring economic benefits.

. That is all. An ordinary mechanic’s service costs considerably less than the same duty for a motor vehicle.

1.6 Interesting for travel

If you need to join a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, you should buy a folding bike. You are free to choose the bike’s design, size and color.

The design is usually very compact, along with the extremely light weight of aluminum alloy, so you can take it wherever you want, or fold it neatly and put in the trunk for lunch.

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2. Where should I buy a folding bicycle?

On the market today there are many shops that sell folding bikes, but Where to buy quality folding bikes Not everyone knows. The widespread situation of counterfeit and poor quality goods makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish. To avoid losing money, you should consult experts about how to choose to buy a folding car and go to reputable sites to buy.

Bicycles World is proud to be a distributor of cheap folding bicycles in the market with quality and warranty up to 5 years. Especially, when buying, you will be supported with free consultation to choose the right folding bike for your needs.

We guarantee the quality and provide you with a reasonable price. What are you waiting for, book your car today to enjoy lots of incentives!

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