Should choose a Hybrid or Mtb bike?

Nên mua xe đạp Hybrid hay MTB-2

On the current market for bicycles, there are a wide variety of bike options from design to budget to meet the needs of riders. Hybrid bikes and MTB bicycle is becoming more and more popular for entertainment and work. For those who want to ride on rough terrain, mountain bicycles can be an ideal choice for you. While these two designs for bicycles have similarities in accordance with its purpose, let’s learn more through the article below.

1. Learn about hybrid and MTB bikes

1.1 Hybrid bike

Should buy a Hybrid or MTB-2 bicycle
Hybrid is suitable for urban city roads or offroad trips

With hybrid bicycles this is probably a very luxurious liner, they are a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike. The hybrid vehicle features comfortable framing with a lift-up handlebar meaning you can sit upright in the saddle comfortably. They also have a high gear ratio that is easy to ride, often with wider tires than a race bike, but narrower than the mountain bike tires that are more suitable off-road on gravel and trails. smooth.

Commuters or recreational family cyclists can get more comfortable on a hybrid bike. The straight mountain bikes are heavier and the more aggressive frame shape allows riders to climb towards the steering wheel. Mountain bicycles can be more expensive and be designed for cyclists. Mountain bicycles make it harder for commuters to ride on the sidewalk because the tires are thorny than the traction is higher, so they are not fast.

1.2 Mountain bike

Should buy a Hybrid or MTB bicycle
MTB bicycles are suitable for those who love adventure, adventure

The mountain bikes are designed to be able to ride on rough terrain along with technical trails with logs, rocks, roots and other obstacles. They possess a sharp and efficient geometrical frame for commanding position on engineering terrain. They have a lower transmission ratio allowing them to travel on steep and difficult terrain. Because of their intended use, the mountain bikes are quite sturdy, equipped with a fork to handle shock well on the trails. They usually have larger, strongly concave tires like hydraulic brakes. Many mountain bikes have maximum shock absorption features due to the presence of both front and rear forks. This can thus allow the chassis to avoid strong shock impacts on off-road terrain engineering challenges.

Currently, mountain bikes have a lot of changes in their design to suit the intended use, the goal is to be able to better accelerate and handle the shock, it is also used for racing. In which can be mentioned as hardtail, fullsuspension, downhill, crosscountry … In which hardtail bicycle is the popular low-cost mountain bike line today, downhill to downhill at high speed ..

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2.Buy the best bike for you

Both hybrid and MTB models are suitable for amateurs. Mountain bike can be the most excellent and reliable bike in all different technical terrain conditions as well as weather. While hybrid bikes can offer the most fun and comfortable things to do because they can be faster on the city or offroad.

Should buy a Hybrid or MTB-3 bicycle
Select the right bike for your needs for a better performance and experience

And more specifically, riding these cars has a great effect on calorie burning. Riding a hybrid car for 30 minutes at 12 to 13.9 mph will burn about 298 calories for an individual weighing 155 pounds. Increase the speed from 14 to 15.9 mph, and you will burn 372 mph in the same amount of time.

Need to base on your needs as well as terrain or even your preferences before choosing buy a sports bike suitable! Professional cyclists should be consulted to take better steps.

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