Should I buy a cheap sports bike for my child?

Are cheap sports bikes good or not, or are cheap sports bikes durable?“That seems to be a common concern of many parents when first going buy a sports bike for your child at World Bicycle. To help answer all these questions, in the article below we will help you grasp useful information to make better decisions.

1.Where did cheap sports bikes come from?

Mostly today cheap sports bicycles All are produced in China. Because it has cheap labor and materials, most of the factories are located here, which makes the product cost cheaper when located in other countries such as the US or UK.

Some sports bicycle companies such as Giant, Trinx, Twitter, Galaxy … also set up factories in China to be able to produce affordable products suitable for the average GDP in Asia Pacific in general. However, it cannot be said that sports bicycles made in China are not good, for example, the Phoenix bicycle that used to storm in the 1970s ago in our country is quite durable and considered as treasure of families in the North at that time. Currently, many bicycles produced here are of high quality because China is considered as a machining workshop with the level of machining can be said to be digital 1 world.

Not only that, but big companies like Apple, Sam Sung have large factories and factories in this country, so it is impossible to refer to products made in China as bad products. However, there are still many profit-making traders who cut in the raw materials and ignore the technical process to produce poor quality products with low prices to sell in large quantities. .

2.Do you guarantee quality cheap sports bike?

On the sports bicycle market today, there are countless lines of sports bicycles with a variety of prices and models. Manufacturers also focus on market segments and offer cars with comparable prices.

Fujisan Black and Red sports bike
Fujisan 007 sports bike sports design with convenient rear pass baga

In the price range below 3 million cheap sports bicycles Most are made of steel and steel alloy only a few are aluminum alloy frames Although steel-frame sports bicycles are not as good as aluminum-frame bikes because steel frames are prone to rust due to environmental impacts. like rain water. Currently, to ensure more durable steel frames, prevent rust, steel-frame sports bicycles are often painted with a 3-layer electrostatic coating that can help minimize the impact from the environment. But if it is heavily scratched, the frame will probably still rust as usual.

Some of today’s cheap sports bikes like Fujisan , Nakxus, Vaenger also introduced to the market the cheap sports bicycles for students such as Fujisan, Nakxus MT20, Nakxus MT20 A, Nakxus ML23, Vaenger.

Nakxus ML23 sport bike in Black - Red
Nakxu ML23 bicycle has an aluminum frame with a beautiful design

The models that we list above are purely the models with prices ranging over 2 million, the configuration to suit the travel and school needs of students. Sporty and personality design can be equipped with a baga pass like Fujisan or Vaenger. Personality and sporty color suitable for babies. These models have been on the market for several years now, many parents have bought bicycles for their children and left good feedback after using them.

3. Why should I buy a cheap bicycle for my child?

The students are at a developing age, so the height can increase rapidly after 1 or 2 years. That is why the car that is going a few years later may not be able to match your size. A note for parents is that if cycling too small and short, it often causes children to hunchback because they have to bend down low and their bent legs cannot stretch at an angle of 25-30 degrees. In the long run, the baby will have joint pain due to the rubbing of the tibial plateau bones.

Moreover, the ride too low also affects and inhibits the baby’s height development. Therefore, after a few years of growing up, parents should change the car for their children if the height grows beyond the size of the bike despite adjusting the position of your bicycle saddle.

Fujisan sports bikes are chosen by many students and parents

At this time, considering the economic issue, if you buy a “good” and “expensive” school bike, the kids cannot experience all the “goodness” of the bike because it seems to be of age. This main purpose is travel only. Unlike expert car players, they will utilize their skills to better ride, perform complex ride techniques. Buying a genuine car is not necessary for the students. If the car is too expensive with only 1.2 years to change a new car because the baby grows too fast, this causes waste for parents.

There is one thing that we often see in students is the ability to preserve furniture is not good, because the children are not conscious of preservation, so when riding the car, there are often collisions with friends while playing. It can cause the frame to be deformed, scratched or damaged accessories. Or when you come home from school, you often throw your car around, even in the rain, causing the vehicle to wear out and damage quickly.

Because of the above reasons that work buy cheap sports bicycles Often mentioned as well as advice for parents when buying a car. Meeting the needs and low cost are two factors to consider when choosing a car for your baby. Also the solution to save costs for the family.

4. Where to buy cheap sports bicycle?

Currently on the Vietnamese market, sports bicycles are quite diverse in design and price. To be able to buy a cheap sports bike with quality assurance seems not easy, because the poor quality goods floating on the market are quite a bit confusing and unsure of users. Where to buy to be sure.

With many years of experience in the business of trading sports bicycles, Bicycles World is proud to be a distributor of imported sports bicycles that guarantee the best quality and warranty. Taking the motto “quality” and “prestige” as the guideline in the long-term development goal, we always have the quality inspection of the vehicle line from the technical teams before importing and selling. market that we can safely introduce to customers. Therefore, for many years, Bicycles World has always been the trusted place to buy sports bicycles for many customers nationwide.

For more information and advice, please call the hotline: 0979.83.9922 or 024.6686.9919 for detailed instructions!

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