Should someone with knee arthritis ride a bicycle?

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Sick knee arthritis Diseases can be found at any age but can show a clear manifestation and symptoms are usually most severe in the elderly. When the knee arthritis is raging, patients often suffer from pain in the knee area and make activities much more difficult, So how can this disease be cured? end to avoid relapse. With the helpful shares below, please consult and have your own treatment plan!

1.Symptoms of knee joint symptoms

Have a lot of symptoms of knee arthritis At different points, it is important to pay attention to have early warning signs to detect in time and provide flexible treatment regimen.

Usually pain in the morning when waking up, patients often feel stiff and achy in the leg joints are the most common symptom.

-Particularly, the knee becomes more painful when moving, even if you walk gently, and these pain usually lessen if you sit and rest regularly.

Pain is mild at first, but after getting more active and moving, the pain becomes stronger

Knees when in motion can emit cleavage for the bones to touch each other. The main reason is the lack of mucus on the joint surface, causing the bone to dry and crack, causing noises.

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Arthritis of the knee causes a swollen and swollen knee

Knee pain often has a great influence on the functioning of the patient. If left for too long without treatment, it will make the disease worse because the fluid in the knee makes the treatment more difficult.

Patients with manifestations of fluid in the knee joint will show signs of swelling and swelling. Often, one joint will swell and become larger than the other, if the joint is too much, it will make it harder for the sick person to move or bend the knee.

2) The main causes of knee arthritis

Due to injury: The injured knee joint can be caused by a fall, the impact during the operation causes the cartilage, ligament and joint tissue in the knee to be injured, causing arthritis and other conditions. chronic pain.

– High age: Usually the elderly will have the highest rate of bone and joint diseases because they are often less active than young people. As they age, they tend to be less active, so they are not flexible. More . skeletal muscles also tend to age, with greater elasticity and poor blood flow between the muscles and joints. disabled.

Weight-weight: When being overweight or obese, the knee carries the heavy weight of the body, thereby increasing pressure on the knee joints, easily dislocating cartilage and causing arthritis. .

-Transmission: Normally, those who have relatives who often have joint diseases will suffer from this disease higher than normal people.

3.Treatment of knee arthritis

With today’s modern medicine, the treatment of the disease is not difficult, but it is still impossible to complete. If the patient uses drugs to treat their illness, they often cause side complications such as hypertension, edema, and also stomach ulcers.

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Knee arthritis can be caused by an injury that occurs during sports activities

There are many remedies that can treat this disease such as eating, exercising and exercising to improve the condition without the need for medication. Thanks to this method, you can completely reduce the pain caused by joint pain. Effective methods of exercise can be walking, cycling sports but usually sports cycling Use more because at this time the body is sitting the weight is not cornered.

4.What should people with knee arthritis need to look out for while cycling?

Cycling is very good for the apartment knee pain But also note:

– Should choose flat roads to go, avoid bumpy gravel roads that can cause vibrations to the knees causing more pain.

-You should use knee pads to reduce the pressure on the knee

-Do not walk on steep slopes that are too high to climb steep because this makes your knees suffer.

– Do not go with high intensity, but should go gently, slowly relax as if the body can rest, enjoy the fresh air, watch the scenery

-Do not choose a bike that is too low because it will make it difficult for the knee to pedal more difficult, nor should you choose a bike that is too high because it will cause the foot to pedal with and resist.

-With the level of health and condition can go for a short distance then improve gradually over time.

5.The effects of cycling on people with knee arthritis

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Regular intensity cycling every day will give you better bone and joint recovery

Sports cycling gives people with knee arthritis more flexibility. The knee is flexibly operated, helping the muscle tendons to stretch and have good elasticity and flexibility. In addition, the joint works flexibly, causing the mucus to be secreted, making the head of the joint smooth and free from pain.

Together with the combination of cycling with the right nutrition you can have a good and effective healing chart to help quickly reverse illness.

Above are extremely useful shares for you, you can refer to and choose the bike to practice sports right now.

Reference from health and sports magazines

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