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Specialized Sirrus Review
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Pros Design, lightweight, comfortable
Cons flat handlebars
Summary The Sirrus models are considered some of the best fitness-hybrid bicycles on the grocery store, specially for the price .
Our Rating 88/100
Manufacturer specialize

Most riders want a bicycle they can ride anywhere, whether in the city or on the road. The makers of the Specialized brand have produced a fitness-hybrid bicycle to answer the typical riders ’ needs by producing the Sirrus line of bikes. The Sirrus bikes are some of the best road bikes on the market for working out or riding in the city to commute to work or for a weekend stumble to the farmer ’ randomness market. These bikes are available in 16 models for men and women, with the choice of carbon, admixture, or aluminum frames, depending on the model .

Specialized Sirrus Models

The Sirrus men ’ randomness bikes include the :

  • Pro Carbon
  • Expert Carbon
  • Elite Carbon
  • Elite Alloy
  • sport
  • disk
  • V-Brake

The women ’ randomness models include the :

  • Expert Carbon
  • Elite Carbon
  • Elite Alloy
  • Sport Disc
  • disk
  • V-Brake
  • Sport Step-Through
  • Disc Step-Through
  • elite Alloy Step-Through

specialized sirrus


Frame Size

The Specialized FACT 9r carbon frame is on the :

The Specialized A1 SL Premium Aluminum frame is used on the other men ’ mho and women ’ mho models, except for the V-Brake models, which has a A1 Premium Aluminum frame. The Sirrus models come in size extra-extra-long, long, medium, light and extra-short. The size translate to :

  • XXL – The extra-extra-long frames are suited for riders 6 ’ 4 ” to 6 ’ 6 ” and who weigh 193 to 198. Of the Sirrus models, only the men ’ south Elite Carbon and Sport are available in this size .
  • XL – The x-large frames are best for riders who are between 6 ’ 0 ’ ’ to 6 ’ 4 ” and weigh 183 to 193 pounds .
  • L – The large size frames fit riders who are 5 ’ 9 ” to 6 ’ 0 ” and who weigh 173 to 185 lbs .
  • M – The medium Sirrus frames match riders who are between 5 ’ 5 ” and 5 ’ 9 ” and weigh 165 to 175 lbs .
  • S – The short frames are for riders who are between 5 ’ 2 ” and 5 ’ 5 ” and who weigh 158 to 165 lbs .
  • XS – The extra-short frame fits riders from 5 ’ 0 to 5 ’ 2 ” and who weigh approximately 152 to 158. only the women ’ south Elite Alloy, Sport Disc, Disc, and V-Brake are available in this size .
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The riders ‘ system of weights is based on the average man ’ south weight, which you can disregard for women .

Brake Types

The TRP Flow Set Control brakes are available on all models except for the men ’ randomness and women ’ second Disc bikes, which have the Promax F1 brakes, the Sport models that use the Tektro HD-R310, and the V-brake models that have the V-brake, linear wrench brakes .Specialized Sirrus Breaks TypesSpecialized Sirrus Gears Shifters


The microSHIFT Flow Set Control sceneshifter are on most models except for the men ’ sulfur and women ’ mho Disc models, which use the Shimano Altus RapidFire Plus, the Sport models that have the microSHIFT brakes, and the V-Brake models that use the Shimano EF510 EZ-RapidFire Plus .


The Sirrus models use 700C Disc rims for all their models except the V-Brake, which has the 700C Rim brakes .


Most of the models come with the Specialized Espoir Sport Reflect tires, but the Sport and Disc models have the Specialized Nimbus Reflect tires and the V-brake models come with the Specialized Nimbus .

Price Range

This is Specialized ‘s entrance grade bicycle, prices start deoxyadenosine monophosphate low as $ 450, with the sport versions going for a sting under $ 1000. SEE ALSO – Best Road Bike Inner Tubes 2021

What We Like

The Sirrus models are touted as fitness-hybrid bikes so that riders can take them on the road, arsenic well as commute in the city. The tall stem turn allows the rider to be erect, in a more comfortable position. It makes their bikes full for introducing people to the sport. To see the best budget hybrid bike visit here. The frames are lightweight, which means less fatigue for the passenger when they go on long rides. The tires are thickly so that they can take some pervert on city streets. The seaworthiness geometry of these bikes and the apartment handlebars helps make it more reactive, which is authoritative in the city. The more expensive models do better on the road because of the whippersnapper carbon paper frames and the racing gears. The price range for the bikes, $ 450 to $ 1500 ensures that there is a Sirrus motorcycle for every serious rider, whether they use the motorcycle for their seaworthiness routine or casual rides with the kin .

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  • Lightweight frames .
  • comfortable riding position .
  • Fitness geometry .
  • good responsiveness .
  • low-cost price image .

What We Don’t Like

The improbable bicycle stems are more for riding in an urban environment rather of on the road. Some test riders didn ’ triiodothyronine like the flat handlebars because they don ’ thyroxine allow riders to get into a fast ride position. however, it was the long stems that most found to be discerning. They besides found the brakes a small slow, which could be an issue when riding in traffic .


  • Stems besides tall .
  • directly handlebars .
  • dull braking might .

Buying Advice

If you ’ rhenium looking for a beneficial bicycle for commuting to work or for working out, then you should consider one of the Specialized Sirrus bicycle models. With its low-cost price rate, there is a model that about everyone can afford. They are besides made for comfort and performance for everyone, whether they new to riding or have years of have .


The Sirrus models are considered some of the best fitness-hybrid bicycles on the market, specially for the price. They are lightweight, which makes them easier to peddle farseeing distances or on steep city inclines. sol, if you need a motorcycle that can help you get and stay in form, then a Sirrus may be the correct option for you. The Sirrus models can besides be used as a road bicycle for commuting to work or for casual rides with the syndicate. It is a versatile bicycle that you can put a set of mileage on without worrying that it will fall apart.

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To find out if a Sirrus is the best bicycle for you, test drive one at your nearest specify dealer. Stay tunes to our web site we ‘ll be publishing more articles on bikes.

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