Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance guide

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A clean bike always has better, smoother motions. If you regularly clean and maintain the car, it will help to prolong the life of the car and help them work better. Also, cleaning your car is probably one of the best ways to get really acquainted with its parts and the best way they can work. This is a great time for you to check out and bicycle maintenance This helps your vehicle to avoid any further damage.

With the following detailed instructions, Bicycles World hopes that you will be able to clean and check it yourself periodically every month if you ride it regularly.

1. What do you need to prepare?

To be able to carry out cleaning and maintenance for these sports bicycle line More easily you need the help of the following basic tools:

– Repair price

– Old soft rags

Biological degreaser

Non-corrosive cleaning agent (motorcycle wash, non-bleaching household detergent)

-The scouring tree

– Old toothbrush

Chain-chain lubricants

– Hand pump, mini repair kit

The rule – here are some “must know” before you get started:

Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance instructions -1
Cleaning your car regularly helps to keep your car new and smooth

-Never spray degreaser directly on any part of the bike but spray it on a towel or brush. This will prevent degreaser from getting into bearings, springs and other places.

– Never disassemble any part you don’t know how to put together

-If it moves, shafts or has a spring (except for the wheels and crankshaft), it will be lubricated

Never soak anything in solvent be never for any other reason

-Never spray high pressure water directly onto the bike frame and parts. This can cause paint to peel off and can put high pressure on places where water is not working.

2. Carry out cleaning and maintenance


Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance guide -2
Do an overall inspection of the vehicle for serious damage before washing the vehicle

-Make sure the bike is entered in the repair booth, do a check on the frames and other components for any damage. This includes cracks, deep cracks or very deep scratches in the carbon fiber. If you can find any damage stop here and have the car repaired.


Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance guide -3
Wet and clean the accessory frame

Carry the bike on a rack, spray on the bike with a water hose or a dedicated low pressure washer to soften the dirt and fall, let it sit for a few minutes. Start by doing a basic frame cleaning, using soft sponges and buckets of water. Then with cleaner water use a soft brush to be able to wipe and scrub. Never use your scouring pad or use harsh detergents as this will easily cause the paint to peel off.

Please pay attention to the parts below the saddle, inside the fork, under the fenders, cables because these places can accumulate a lot of dirt, so use a tap so you can spray water on the parts. that let all the sand out.


Remove the wheel, turn the top quick lever over bicycle brake so that the tires will escape the brake pads. If you have brake disc, don’t worry about it. Spray the vehicle with water with enough pressure to wet all the car parts and remove some of the dirt and dislodge them.

  • Degrease the chain
Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance instructions -6
Clean grease and dirt from the chain

Use a small bio-degreaser on your chain, then scrub it with a brush or automatic chain cleaner. Do not use solvents that are alkaline or acid-based, such as rust cleaners, could cause your chain to wear or break. Also, do not leave the solvent on the cord for too long before washing it as this may appear to result in wear or the chain becoming damaged quickly.

  • Clean Derailleur first, after
Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance instructions -7
Cleaning and maintenance for the derailler

– To clean the rear, please first remove the front wheel. Before removing the rear wheel, switch to the smallest gear, so you know where to place the chain when you replace the wheel.

Use a dry cloth to remove dust from the outside of the collar

-Spray a little degreaser, then gently wipe the gears of the wheel (do not degrease by the mechanism of the collar)

>> You can see more detailed instructions on how to clean a sports bike starter kit here

  • Clean the rear rack and the front disc
Instructions for cleaning and maintenance of sports bicycles -4
Use a rag soaked in degreasing solvent to clean the tube

Spray some degreasing agent onto your brush, then wipe off the aliasing

-Use the sticky plastic tip to clean the space between the jagged teeth

– If your bag is really dirty, you can remove it for a more thorough cleaning. Before performing this step, make sure you are comfortable with this level of disassembly. Failure to install the gears on the sprockets may result in incorrect operation or partial failure.

-Use a lock removal tool to remove gears

Carefully remove the molars and pads *

-Start with the smallest gear, clean each gear and the spacer with a rag

-Let it dry, then reinstall the cassette in the correct order

– Tighten the locks on the cork

Once you have unpacked all the serrations and spacers in order, tie the zip ties around them to keep them in order.

Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance instructions -9
Clean the disc brake with a soft rag and dedicated spray, avoid contact with sweaty hands

– Use a soft rag to wipe the brake system. For rim brakes use a small brush to remove excess dirt and sand. Check your brake pads for signs of wear. If you see that the distance between the brake pads and the rim is too large, adjust it.

-Use brake shaft lubricants, wipe off excess oil.

– For the disc brake also use a rag to clean the surface of the rotor

There are quite a few mountain bikes that come with disc brakes that provide more convenience and have many advantages over the use of brace brakes. Disc brakes are operated by cable or through a tube containing hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic disc brakes are the most common, and you can fully observe the signs to keep a steady performance. Please do so away from the brake surface as the tip of your skin can affect the braking performance.

For this reason, it is important not to take any lubricant or hydraulic fluid into the brake pads or rotors.Check the throttle lever or hydraulic fluid may have air bubbles in it. and need replacement or not.

Use a soft rag to wipe the levers, levers and brake pads to remove sweat, grease and sticky residue from sports drinks or gels.

Pull the brake and use the brush to wipe off the dirt inside (you can also blow in it to get rid of dust).

Apply a very small amount of lubricant to any visible mechanical shaft point or spring on the brake levers or gear lever, to wipe off excess.

Use a bristle brush to rub dirt and dirt, causing them to fall. You can use additional detergent to clean the tire.

Take the time to re-check the tires for signs of wear such as spikes, or severe cuts while on the road. If the damage is detected immediately, replace the new tire.


Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance instructions -8
Complete bicycle assembly

Allow your bike parts to drain for a few minutes, you can use a dry rag to wipe through the water to let all of the cleaner and drier – especially the chain and sprocket.

– Install the front and rear wheels, brake, chain, sprocket for complete


-Do lubricate your chain, place the nozzle directly above one of the rollers on the chain. Slowly turn the crank to turn the chain, ensuring that each roller gets a drop of lubricant.When you have lubricated the chain, make the turns so that the chain can rotate the entire wheel by approximately 5 -6 times.Wipe off excess lubricant from the chain.

Sports bicycle cleaning and maintenance instructions -9
Oil the chains so that they operate smoothly and prevent rust

-Please take this time to test your wheels. Hold your front wheel vertically at the top of the center and rotate it. See it with one eye to see if it’s turned straight. The slight wobble is not important, but your cake is very wobbly because the spokes should take it to a repair shop to re-weigh the rim.

-Check the movement of your bike by shifting the gear and using the gearshift. Shift the sprocket up and down the large and small gears of the entire cassette. If you ignore or do not adjust properly, it will greatly affect the performance of the bike.

-Check how is the air in your tire? . If the tire is younger, it can lead to dangerous terrain riding through a pothole or even tearing your tire. If the tire is too tight, it will cause the vehicle to jerk over a pothole. Or, if traveling in hot weather, the tire is prone to exploding due to the slightly expansion.

-After mounting the wheel, check the rim by looking with one eye when rotating the wheel if the wheel moves on a straight line ie the rim is stable. If the wheel is wobbly, that means it is bent, the rim should be re-weighed.

Take your bike out of the stand to check if the brake is working properly by going a few rounds around the house.

If there are some parts that are damaged or have a serious problem, you can consult these sports bicycle consulting of experienced people or reputable stores for timely replacement and repair of their vehicle, ensuring safety for the next trip.

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