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SR Suntour

SR Suntour had Tom Pidcock ‘s Olympic gold winning motorcycle on display, which is interesting in more ways than one. The bicycle is equipped with SR Suntour ‘s silent largely secret electronic suspension. Secret, because the patent pending procedure has been delayed ( although it ‘s in its final stages ) and Suntour ca n’t freely talk about all its features. It ‘s not much, but here ‘s what we got indeed far :
The electronic mechanism needs an Axon Werx crotch to work with. only the damping mechnism on the right hand side of the branching is different from the even interpretation . In the rear, the box housing the ‘brain ‘ of the organization works with a shock from the Edge series.

The amply automatic organization reacts to different riding conditions. There are no levers to deal with, although there will be a direction to communicate with the organization and make adjustments . No pro bicycle is dispatch without the rider ‘s name .

The Durolux big-hit single crown fork is now available in a Durolux38 Boost version with Equalizer spring system. obviously, that number identifies the size of the stanchion tubes, adding more stiffness to the fork. The 29 ” branching is available as a 15mm Boost or 20mm Boost version. system of weights starts at 2,500g and the branching ships with a fender. The Durolux36 choice is still share of the plan, It can now be ordered with different travel options, starting at a brusque 130mm of travel .
There ‘s the choice of R2C2-PCS or RC2-PCS damping systems . travel options : 160, 170 and 180mm .
You can now get the RUX38 Boost double crown crotch for 29 ” ( and silent 27.5 ” ) wheels . It besides now features the Equalizer air spring system. Weight starts at 2,845g .
Nice Kavenz colorway, hosting a SR Suntour Durolux branching .


however in 3D-printed stage, this prototype is a stopping point version of what the modern TSG Presto 3.0 goggle is going to look like. Since most people do n’t use them anyhow, there wo n’t be any fastening points for tear-offs. Recommended sales price will be an low-cost € 39.95 .
The Presto 3.0 will be available in three colorways, one of them a camouflage print . The Chamber knee and ellbow pads are a newfangled summation to the trail/all-mountain class – lightweight and well-ventilated sides and even pad aid to add comfort .

Trickstuff had a reasonably damn lightweight handmade in Germany final Tarvo on display, flying the made in Germany flag high, equipped with Intend Suspension and of course their Trickstuff brakes with a fresh caliper .
The C42 all-mountain/enduro caliper is replacing the C41, with a redesign phonograph record tunnel and better compatibility for the post mount standard. besides, new brake pads are sitting inside nowadays, as the previous one was n’t that widespread anymore. The old 220 standard is replaced with the 850, the like that SRAM Guide brakes use. A newly bleed valve allows for drip-free repairs . The C22 Flat Mount for XC and gravel habit is a newly developed caliper fitting 830 criterion bracken pads. factory installed it comes with Trickstuff ‘s 830 Power Alu pads with lighter aluminum carrier denture.

possibly not deoxyadenosine monophosphate illusion as machine brakes, but very helpful for mechanics, Trickstuff immediately has two shed blood kits available. One is specific to their models and the other is compatible with all brake systems out there. Adapters fit all the different systems, a few tools like a wooden brake diggings retractor make solve easy . Trickstuff ‘s aluminum bleed stuff now besides fits every type of caliper design .
We ‘ve seen this drive from Pivot before, but it ‘s barely so pretty, decked out in bling. The most herculean brake of Trickstuff ‘s batting order, the Maxima, is n’t badly to look at either .

KTM Bicycles

It truly starts to sink in that there is n’t much in the way of major news at the show when you ‘re highlighting hardtail model updates. The Myroon Prime got a newfangled update Premium Carbon UDH frame with boom potent seat stay/seat metro and buttocks bracket junction sphere. The exact frame slant of the new design was n’t available, other than they believe it ‘s below 1,000 grams. Full weight in this specification comes to 8.6kg .

They had Austrian Olympic participant Max Foidl ‘s Scarp Exonic subspecies motorcycle on display, crap and all . He decidedly seems to be enjoying a broken front .


SQlab never stops tinkering on their saddles and is updating its integral Ergowave lineup, including their popular 611 and 612 models. partially of that update is an improved relief of imperativeness by higher steps and a deeper dip in the plaza. The Active system has been improved and weight drops by about 15 percentage throughout the Ergowave compass. As a highlight, the final examination version of the e-bike specific 6OX Infinergy Ergowave exemplar is about to be available soon, with all the updates mentioned, made out of BASF infiniergy material. Tapes on the top side are add to the abrasion-resistance and muffle of the saddle. One of the biggest feats for SQlab is that it ‘s 100 % made in Germany .
The new Active system that allows for vertical movement of the top plate to move with the hips, now offers doubly the range over its predecessor and is easier to activate. Three grades of elastomers are available . Their lineup for anatomical reference improvements has extended into respective segments by nowadays. They are now expanding into adaptable insoles for diverse shapes for add accompaniment and better office transfer .


It ‘s like traveling back in time. The fabled Panaracer Smoke … … and Dart jazz band. available in 26 ten 2.1 ” size only, to make your authoritative motorcycle look genuine .

flight feather

We ‘ve covered Gamux ‘ Pinion driven prototype rig before, but some things you fair ca n’t get adequate of. With most of their World Cup team racers out for the season early on in the year, they ‘ve used their time to gather real number world data on the World Cup circuit with early riders. More to come …

The entirely update for pinion is that their C1.12 gearbox is now available in total darkness . still one of the nicest flight feather integrations out there on Instinctiv ’ s M97 .
Instinctiv ‘s gun trigger sceneshifter solution is particularly noteworthy .

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