The dog, who had been left behind in the woods, was fortunate to come across a kind owner who saved him and gave him a loving home.

Daisy the hunting dog was abandoned and left to fend for herself after her owner decided she was no longer useful. She struggled to survive in a risky area of the city on leftover food.

A local neighbour who viewed Daisy as a “nuisance” in the region cruelly chained her to a tree. Before someone called “DAR Animal Rescue” for help, she had been left there for more than 24 hours. Daisy was unable to speak as a result of loneliness, starvation, and terror by the time the rescuer Ermioni arrived.

Daisy was so terrified when Ermioni approached her that she thought she was going to get wounded, even though none of the other curious people had really stepped forward to help. Ermioni got closer to. Daisy was swiftly removed from the cords by Ermoni, who then picked her up. She was shocked by how the locals were just staring at her, seemingly unconcerned by Daisy. They suggested Ermioni’s peculiar appearances, but nobody else bothered to inquire as to Daisy’s well-being.

Unfortunately, Daisy was not in good health when she visited the doctor. Because of the current trauma, she had low blood pressure, elevated white blood cells, and diarrhoea. Nevertheless, owing to treatment, Daisy quickly regained her health and was able to start anew in the shelter within a few days. Daisy was physically better, but the emotional harm she suffered still showed out around other people. She was reserved and avoided people and animals.

Daisy was treated with extreme patience by the staff, who allowed her to recover gradually and at her own rate. She became less frightened as time went on and even started to wag her tail slightly. In the end, she realised that she was risk-free and joyfully embraced her second opportunity at life.

She is currently living in her ancestral home, where she is pleased and relaxed in a way that only a German dog could. She enjoys spending time with her family and canine siblings and showing off her joy by smiling beautifully. If the residents of the neighbourhood where she had been chained up in the past could see how contentedly happy she is right now, maybe they would be more sympathetic to stray animals in the future.