The mistakes when riding a female sports bike for the first time

Thought that going sports bicycles for women It’s too simple and it’s similar to a regular Japanese mini. You completely give yourself that way of thinking and never consider the rules to be able to use the car more effectively. To help you get a better overview of this, we would like to give you the first mistakes you made when riding a women’s sport bike to get a more subjective view and Get some experience for yourself!

1.No adjusting the saddle

Some female friends are not interested in riding posture but only about the beauty and design of the car. For women, a fashion car that helps them highlight their personality is important, but they do not know the position while sitting on the saddle is also a factor affecting their image (ie a confident strong nymph or a boring and non-energetic girl at all ..)

Mistakes when riding a female sport bike for the first time -1
Adjust the saddle to the correct position to help you always feel comfortable while riding

When the saddle is too low, your back posture will be bent, hunched, legs bent and not stretched comfortably, affecting the knee joint and back fatigue. Surely you don’t want someone to see you in such a low self-confidence, right?

How to adjust the saddle?

The easiest way is to sit directly in the car, put your arms comfortably, your back straight, and let your legs feel most comfortable. A seat in the right position where your legs are most stretched out most comfortably, neither with knees nor kicking. The advice for you is to be able to adjust the saddle so that the heel should touch the pedal in the lowest position when you can sit on the saddle. At the same time, your toes must be able to reach the ground in order to be able to prevent the most unexpected situations that may happen, such as when you brake quickly and meet potholes, you can be completely proactive and respond promptly.

2.Select inappropriate clothing

– Wearing too tight clothes

Choose outfits when matching with female sports bicycles how to be trendy, personality or gentle, women often ignore everything to choose a outfit that shows the curves of their body, what is the most beautiful of their body ..

Mistakes when riding a female sports bike for the first time -2
Choosing the right outfit helps you to drive with confidence

That is also the reason why in some cases when they get hot, they still wear tight-fitting clothes with poorly absorbent fabrics. This causes your body to become tight and your limbs are not flexible when the fabric clings to the body, making the motor less active.

Excessive sweating and not being released due to too tight fabric will cause the heartbeat to rise, which means that you need to breathe more to get more oxygen to help your heartbeat more stable.

Some cases are encountered due to wearing too tight clothing that causes the body to become lacerated, blood cannot flow in places such as groin, genitals, making you feel tired, pressing on long distances and most is discomfort during menstrual days.

– Wear clothes that are too loose

Some girls choose to choose a skirt for cycling, but accidentally choose a skirt that is too short (exposing sensitive parts) or choose a skirt that is too long, causing the skirt to roll into the pedals and make it dirty, even fall … Dress knee-length skirts and wear protective pants underneath the girls!

3.Select the wrong size women’s sports bike

Women do not know much about vehicles, if men consider measuring and measuring body size so that they can choose the right car for them. Women can make a very simple choice when they just need to like which bike, sit on the bike and ride a bike, because this has made them choose the size of the bike that is not suitable for the size of the bike. The car they chose seemed too small or too large.

One advice for the girls is to focus on the size of the car first, then seriously about the form to be able to choose the right sports bike for myself.

4.Do not maintain the vehicle regularly

Women are a bit mechanically weak so they cannot check cars as often as men do. But this maintenance is extremely important and it has a direct impact on the quality and durability of the vehicle.

Mistakes when riding a female sports bike for the first time
Check and maintain your bike regularly to keep your bike in good shape

The process of maintaining a car such as greasing, checking the brakes, screws … is very simple for men, but perhaps more difficult for women. If you are not familiar with this, bring it to the door of the bicycle repair shop for help!

5.Do not use the converter correctly

For the best motion performance you can use a more flexible accelerometer combination starter in different terrains. Obviously women can be a bit fidgety when using the subject and they often have to go with heavy gear when going uphill, which makes them quickly tired when going long distances.

The integration and operation of the speedo during the ride is essential. With each different terrain can go at different speeds. A good example is if you go with a higher gear you can instantly improve your speed significantly on a slope, so practice carefully browsing and use different levels to be more flexible in all situations. situations.

The above mistakes are the most common mistakes that girls encounter when riding a sports bike. If you are a newbie, please learn carefully and consult advice from experienced riders. Can improve my knowledge and give me better trips!

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