The steps to choose a sports bike suitable for the height

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Owning and choosing a bicycle that is reasonable and suitable for each person’s stature is not easy.

When you choose buy a sports bike or any bicycle, do not blindly choose the best to try them by sitting on the pedal or using height measurement to choose the right bike for you.

1. Why choose a sports bike that is suitable for height?

Steps to choose a suitable bike for height -1
Measuring the correct height helps you choose a bike with the right size

Each bicycle has a different size designed according to the rider’s height standards lChoosing a sports bike of the wrong size can lead to uncomfortable things like wrist, elbow, shoulder, and back pain.

Choose the size of a sports bike Suitability is very important especially with the first vehicle you choose so pay more attention to it. Whether it’s sports, or commuting, a car that’s the right size will make you more comfortable, easy to maneuver and even exudes a rider’s style ..

Knowing the bike is the right size for you, you will not only have a better ride, but you will also find it more enjoyable to ride.

2. Steps to choose a sports bike suitable for the height

So how to choose a sports bike suitable for your height invite you to refer to the following 6 helpful steps:

  • Step 1: Measure body height and leg length

To choose one sport bicycle With reasonable frame, you need to measure body height (Height) and foot length (Inseam), from crotch to ground. After the measurement is complete, you will use 2 bicycle frame size correlation tables (one for MTB car and 1 for Road-bike) with the stature below to choose the right bike for you.

Steps to choose a sports bike suitable for height -1
Measure the height of the body

Alternatively, you can use an online vehicle sizing tool for each vehicle, such as:, or ask the salesperson for a get the most accurate advice. Normally for Road-bike and Moutain-bike (MTB), the size of the chassis will be the distance from the top of the saddle mounting tube (not the saddle) to the center of the bottom pedal tube (illustration painting). With MTB vehicles, normally the frame will be 10 to 12cm smaller than a Road-bike.

As noted above, the size of the bike frame should be appropriate for the stature. If you choose a bike with a bike frame that is too big, it will be difficult and uncomfortable to ride. You may not be able to fully support your foot to step on or pedal. Conversely, if the vehicle has a frame that is too small, you will not be able to give full stride to maximize pedal force.

The steps for choosing suitable bike for height-4
Measure the height of the chassis

For Road-bike, Touring-bike and City-bike how to choose a bicycle frame The standard is if the space between the crotch and the transverse tube is 1 inch (1.6cm) or so, it’s the right size for your stature. For MTB carSimilar to a car for children, the best way to find the correct size is to have the child sit on the seat, if the full foot can be placed. to the ground and comfortably reaching the handlebars with both hands, it was the right car. In addition, when a child is on tiptoes, the distance between the crotch and the saddle is about 25-50cm.

  • Step 3: See the saddle position
The steps for choosing suitable bike for height-5
Measure the distance from the saddle to the steering wheel

The operator can completely self Seat height adjustment Some people like the saddle tilted slightly forward or back, but most prefer the straight saddle because it doesn’t feel like slipping forward or after a bike ride. Usually, it will take some time and a few tries to figure out which saddle is right for you.

But basically, the saddle should be positioned so that your feet can rest comfortably on the pedals, and when you pedal, your feet can be completely straight down, and your buttocks are held in place. not pinched to the sides.

  • Step 4: View the handlebar position
Steps for choosing 5-height suitable bike
The handlebar position affects vehicle control a lot

The position of the handlebar is in fact very important, but many people do not pay attention, especially newcomers playing the car. Wrong handlebar position can lead to back pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain when kicking. In addition, the handlebar is designed to suit the size of the chassis, so there will be many different sizes. Normally, for Road-bike and Touring-bike, users should choose a bike with shoulder-width handlebar, and for MTB car, the handlebar will be wider.

The handlebar is also placed in different shrinkages. With Road-bikes, the handlebar is always about 1.6cm lower than the top of the saddle, while the MTB with the handlebar is arranged lower than the saddle with the purpose of lowering the center of the vehicle, avoiding lose balance when plunging or falling a pass. With a City-bike (hybrid-bike), the handlebar is usually higher than the saddle and has a straight shape.

If you want to straighten your back and be able to see around and not crawl into the car, keep the handlebars higher. In fact, the slightly straight sitting posture will reduce the aerodynamic factor and slow the vehicle speed, but the posture will be much more comfortable. However, no matter how you adjust, do not over-adjust, otherwise you may damage the vehicle’s layout or worse, damage the handlebars.

  • Step 5: Measure the size of the vehicle
The steps for choosing suitable bike for height-5
Measure the dimensions of the vehicle

The wheel size is the diameter from the axle to the tire. Usually, the wheel size will be indicated on the tire, such as a MTB car can be 26 x 2.2 inches in size – meaning that the wheel is 26 inches, and the tire is 2.2 inches thick. Bicycle wheels are classified according to the size of the vehicle (Road, Tour, MTB and BMX). For example, BMX wheels will be smaller and thicker to suit the stunts. Below is a table of wheel sizes for each vehicle:

  • Step 6: Select the pedal
The steps for choosing suitable bike for height-8
The pedal is an important contact point in the 3 touch points of the body and the vehicle

To ensure that your feet can move smoothly with the pedal, consider choosing a pedal without clamp or a foot clamp pedal. Normally, with the clamp pedal, you can rest assured to put the pedal power without worrying about slipping off the pedal. The only downside to this pedal is that it is usually more fussy than the regular pedal.

With sharing about how to choose a sports bike Hope that you can choose for your family and loved ones the suitable sports bikes and interesting trips. If you still have questions, you can consult more information Sports bike selection advice from experienced professionals or to reputable sports bike shops for further advice.

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