The Story of the Grower and Their Unique Jackfruits

How long does it take to cultivate hard to get a fruiting season, but encountering jackfruit like this, the owner must be very miserable.

The game of “hide and seek” jackfruit seems a bit thorough.
At least this fruit still gives 3 packs, but looking horizontally and vertically still see something wrong.
The spacious place does not like, just like to jostle to grow like this.
Growing like this is not the same as inviting “thief, come and take me”?
Unruly to the point of growing in the house like this jackfruit tree, it also comes to bear.
The legendary jackfruit is real, sometimes the lane is broken.
Poor family owners used hundreds of thousands of strategies to lock the jackfruit against theft, and finally got the results like this.
In the same situation as the owner of the jackfruit above, this jackfruit is not better.
This is exactly a jackfruit that is “cursed” when there is only fiber.
During the jackfruit harvest season, the whole family must have been stunned when they discovered this strangely shaped jackfruit.