This Dreamy Bird With Autumn Colors Is A Beautiful Sight To Behold

If you have ever experienced bird watching or have been a birder for a while now, you know how beautiful birds are. Watching them fly, run, dance in the sky, and dart from one tree to another is very therapeutic, and it gives you a different kind of connection with nature that is inexplicable.

There are hundreds and hundreds of species, from enormous condors to tiny hummingbirds, and each one of them possesses a beauty like no other. Birds of all kinds are very stunning and fascinating in nature and every time you think you have already found the most beautiful bird in existence, there is always another species bound to trump down the first bird on your list.

It’s really hard not to notice that birds have a huge variety of feathery outfits that make them look like the life of the party—especially the one you are about to see. This bird has all of autumn’s colors in its small body, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful birds in existence, with its impressive bright and striking colors that are hard to miss.

If you ever have the luck to come across this particular bird, then you would be awestruck by how radiant it is!

Meet the Silver Eared Mesia, a beautiful bird splashed with an array of autumnal colors.

With its radiant fall colors, it seems to glow majestically, even from afar.

Its appearance is characterized by a black head, orange underparts, a bright red wing patch, and of course, its bright silver ears.

It’s a no-brainer to say that they have been blessed with a multifold of stunning colors. This bird belongs to the family Timaliidae, and can be spotted in several Asian countries, most especially in Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, and the tropical forests of southern China, as well as in India during winter.

Males have red-orange throats, while female ones have yellow.

The color patterns in their backs may also differ, with the colors switching either between grey or olive, and the spots of red in its gray wings.

They prefer to live in higher altitudes and in forests, so they may be a bit more difficult to spot in the wild.

However, they may also come to areas where there are feeders with fruits, mealworms, and seeds. Some local resorts may set up feeding stations to attract these birds, and other species.

Good thing that these birds are very social, so when you spot one silver-eared mesia, you best expect that there are also other ones around, too!

They are noisy little birds, but their whistling songs are sweet and relaxing.

Silver Eared Mesias is currently categorized under “Least Concern” on IUCN’s red list, but they are still under utmost protection and regulation to protect their numbers. With its adorable black face, a bright plethora of colors we usually see during autumn, and its angelic calls, it is no question that these birds, like all other species, must be preserved and treated as treasures given to us by nature.