Thіѕ Rollѕ-Royce Cаmрer Conceрt іѕ the future of luxury motorіng

These two concepts envision a potential Rolls-Royce Cullinan-based luxury camper van with living space for guests: so where do we sign?

And both those things are here now, so why not a camper van?


In both cases, the extension is integrated into the rear section and does not cover the rear doors.

This means passengers and / or guests can access to living quarters by simply using the rear (suicide) doors of the Cullinan.

Both are also taller because they’ve got extra room on the roof, albeit for different purposes


The black concept has roof racks that can be used for storage, meanwhile the roof extension in the blue one is big enough to accommodate an extra bed.

Bear in mind, these are just concepts but a German tuning company called Delta 4×4 already built a similar vehicle.

A couple of years ago, they modified a custom camper van-style Cullinan (pictured below) for an anonymous collector in the Arabian peninsula.