Tips to avoid puncture for road bicycles

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The holes are really an obsession for cyclists, in most cases it can make your ride worse. Prevention is better than cure, you absolutely can have these tips to avoid piercing for road bikes with these simple tips that World Bikes will introduce below.

1. Choose your tires carefully

Of course, we all want to give our racing bikes the fastest, lightest tires, but the lightweight high-mass compounds tend to be more malleable than thicker tires and look more durable. It also means that sparks or glass and other sharp objects can also easily slip into or hit the tire, causing the tube to endanger the tube when they risk giving the tube a few puncture.

Durable tires like Continental Gatorkin or Schwalbe Durano DD are often equipped with a dense waterproofing layer that can help prevent sharp objects from entering and penetrating the canvas and through the tube.

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Tires for road bikes are usually very thin

This comes with an increase in weight, if you are not a racer and have no intention of racing, then this is the serious choice. What’s more important is finding the right tires, in sports training it’s a tire capable of delivering an all-speed, weight, grip and protection combination. piercing agents. Michelin Power Endurance and Continental Grand Prix 4-Season bike tires are among our favorites.

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2. Pump up the tires

Tire pressure is also key to avoid puncture of tires puncture cases occur when it is pressed hard against the rim of the wheel to create favorable conditions for such agents as glass fragments, sharp rock edges, punctured curb edges.

To reduce the chance of this happening, make sure your tires are properly inflated for each particular ride, when you are aware that you will have to travel on poor technical terrain. Good pressure gives the car less chance of causing the tube to deform and contact the tire belt.

Once again there is a balancing act with tire pressure. Everyone has their own preferences with lower pressure to improve ride comfort, but somehow make sure your tires are in good shape on a regular basis. Pump the vehicle to maintain the desired pressure and prevent perforation.

Also keep in mind that pressure requirements can vary depending on the width of the tire, the larger the width the less the pressure is and the need to dissipate the impact force.

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Tips to avoid tire punctures on road bikes -1
Use a metered pump to control tire pressure

3.Check your tires regularly

This is a simple tip, but riders are often forgotten. Your tire may be punctured the last time you ride, the tube has been patched or replaced but that doesn’t mean sharp objects like flint and glass have been removed from the tire, try testing check one last time before riding to be able to detect foreign objects lodged in your tires.

Just a few simple checks are enough, to detect whatever is lodged in the tire by gently rubbing the inside of the tire by fingers or cotton on the grooves, making sure to check and remove. leave them. Do this as soon as you complete one trip so you know that you have checked it out as you embark on your next trip. This should be done as soon as possible.

Tips to avoid tire puncture on road bikes -5
Remove sharp objects on the tire

4. Avoid bad road vehicles

You can also think about the places you go on the road. Places where the surface contains a lot of crushed ice, broken glass can scratch the tire and have a chance of hitting your tire while walking on them.

Stay away from these areas, choose the best routes to go. A smooth road surface will make your ride smoother, smoother.

Tips to avoid tire punctures on road bikes -6
Walk on a rocky road

5. Focus on looking straight ahead

In addition to focusing on the steering system, you should also spend the focus forward to identify hazards such as potholes, broken glass … to avoid driving those roads. Instead of focusing on the front of the wheel give yourself a chance to react to what’s going to happen to your car.

Tips to avoid tire punctures on road bikes -7
Detect obstacles on the way

Similarly, if you are riding in a car in a group, you should also warn your teammates of dangers as they approach. It helps keep you and your teammates safe, because of course if your teammates have a puncture, you still have to stop by the side of the road so you can wait for them to finish fixing.

6. Light contact

In the event that you cannot avoid exposure to the dangers that could cause a puncture, relax your body as best as possible to be able to glide as gently as possible. too straight for the tire like a jump, a quick jump increases the pressure on sharp contacts.

You can also use your bike handling skills to get rid of a nest or pothole, if you believe in your abilities try jumping over the potholes to avoid the effects. This is not really a good suggestion for you to show your wonderful bike.

7. Reinsert the tube and tire carefully

If the worst happens you have to replace your bicycle tube, be careful when fitting a tire inside.

First, use your fingers to move and touch around the inside of the tire to ensure that sharp objects are detected. If they are still stuck find a quick way to remove the tire. Check for cracks in the tire, if the cracks are too big, please replace the tire.

Reinsert the tube on the tire carefully so that the rim of the rim is neatly inside the rim, the tire is in the tire compartment and is not squeezed and sandwiched between the edge and the tire edge. Pump the vehicle under a suitable recommended pressure.

8. Consider using tubeless tires

Tubeless tire technology has been in use for many years especially on mountain bikes, one of the potential big benefits of traveling with tubeless tires is greater resistance to punctures. . Second, tubeless tires are used with a sealant where punctures are prevented and prevented much air from escaping. However, the tubeless tire you have to go with the wheel change and other accessories.

The above tips have helped you to have a safer ride, if you are a newbie and have little experience in cycling, consult top experts to help you accumulate. more knowledge.

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