Top 3 good quality sports bikes under 3 million

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The current sport of cycling is developing quite strongly from rural to city. Possessing strong, sporty designs that you can use to join traffic, or use to practice sports to make the body more resilient than ever or use to be able to go to school. doing it is very convenient.

Owning a sports bike is quite easy, there are many different prices for you to choose from according to your favorite configuration. Among the price segments on the market today, so sports bicycles cost under 3 million is a popular choice among students, students as well as beginners with limited budgets.

As a company specializing in the distribution of cheap sports bicycles, we aim to select and test rigorously to be able to choose the best quality products to bring to consumers. Here are 3 models of sports bicycles under 3 million which are highly appreciated by consumers and are the best-selling in the market today.

1. Fujisan sports bike priced at 2,290,000 VND

Coming from a Japanese brand, Fujisan cheap sports bicycles quickly gained the love of many Vietnamese. Made on advanced Japanese technology based on the craftsmanship of the most skilled engineers, Fujisan possesses a rugged, durable sports design.

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Fujisan sport bike 007 S version

If anyone has ever used Japanese-made utensils, they will realize that these items are too good and have a long time of use over time, with less damage.

Fujisan frame is made entirely of steel, but not heavy because the steel here is thinner, the frame is made larger to create more rigidity and strength.

Fujisan’s suspension is a lock-on mechanical forks but has a very good shock absorption, you can be completely assured under the impact of the shock on the hand without fear of numbness if going long distances.

-The small components such as the bumper, the saddle pedal are all made from steel, so that during using more or less exposure to the environment makes them wear out.

-The configuration of Fujisan is a 24-sp movement that gives users the ability to experience more on every journey.

The brake system equipped for the car is a mechanical disc brake, so you can be completely assured when going in slippery conditions or going in the rain because the brakes work very well.

The rim is designed with aluminum material that can withstand large loads, in addition to this aluminum rim is also capable of tearing the wind very well.

The car has 2 sizes of 24 inch and 26 inch so you can freely choose your favorite car.

2.Vaenger sports bicycle price 2,590,000 VND

As a brand of low-cost sports bicycles from the US, although it has just been introduced to the Vietnamese market, the bike has quickly captured a lot of love from car lovers. At first, it was the design of a strong sports steel frame, with stylish colors and personality color schemes.

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Vaenger sports bicycle Gray – Red version

Just like Fujisan the first impression is that the larger, stronger Vaenger bikes can withstand the best bumps.

The car’s handlebar is made of highly durable powder coating that is able to withstand strong impacts.

Front fork system is made of steel strengthened, sturdy and of course the ability to absorb shock better.

The powerful HCGM disc thigh system, combined with a 7-stage clutch, provides a large transmission chain combined with a more flexible 21-speed Shimano Tourney TZ movement with any terrain for a more positive experience. . more flexible for the operator.

– With leather seat cushion sport smooth can bring comfort feeling without fatigue.

Vehicle using mechanical disc brakes can ensure your safety especially when traveling in extreme conditions such as slippery roads or rocky roads.

The movement system incorporates a 7sp armrest with 3 powerful front discs for a smoother, more precise and flexible combination of motion, giving you more flexibility.

Mechanical disc brake is smooth, safe to go in slippery conditions in extreme weather such as icy winter or slippery roads due to rain, gravel

– The foam uses comfortable spikes, which are smooth, high slip resistance, good grip when riding in mountainous terrain, trails for absolute safety.

The car also has 2 versions of 24 inch and 26 inch for you to choose from comfortably height.

3.Nakxus ML23 sport bike with the price of 2,790,000 VND

– Rarely does a car worth over 3 million that owns aluminum frame material like Nakxus ML23. The frame is made of aluminum alloy with very good hardness and Japanese resistance with high strength, the best resistance to impact while in use, avoiding the worst deformation.

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Nakxus ML23 sports bike

The car’s fork system has a large aluminum structure with a sturdy, adjustable lock and better shock absorption.

The movement system is Shimano Shiming EF65-8 handshaft combination with Sunrun TX-35 24-speed thread combined with Sunrun TZ30 for precise, smooth movement at maximum speed, the ability to cross all areas image for a more enjoyable experience.

-The vehicle uses genuine YINGXING mechanical disc brake, higher braking, safe and quietest especially in wet and slippery terrain conditions.

– 2-layer aluminum alloy rim design with better load capacity, better wind tear.

Possessing the design and design of Nakxus ML23 perfectly suitable for people with a height of 1.5m or more, the car is suitable for sports and exercise.

Above are 3 sports bicycles with good quality and can meet the necessary criteria when choosing to be able to travel and practice light sports bicycles. To be buy quality sports bikes For the best, please visit The Gioi Bicycles showroom at 9 Lane 214 Nguyen Xien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi or consult the hotline: 0979.83.9922 or 024.6686.9919.

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