Top 4 most prestigious and cheap women’s sports bicycles today

Top 4 most prestigious and cheap women's sports bicycles today

It is not only men who are fascinated and attracted by personality sports bicycles. Today, girls also tend to use sports bicycles. One part is to show a strong personality, or can be used to move and exercise. But choosing one female sports bicycles It is not easy if you do not have knowledge about sports bicycles. Right now, Bicycles World will join you to learn about the hottest sports bicycles for women today.

1.What is the difference between a women’s sport bike and a men’s sport bike?

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two bike styles is in the design.

Size: Sports bicycles for women usually have a smaller, slimmer, lower chassis design for men. Because the average height of the girls is usually about 1m4-1m7.

+ Design: The frame has a softer design, possibly a curved frame

+ Color: Women’s sports cars are often favored with softer feminine trends with feminine colors such as white, pink, purple, yellow, red … But in reality we can still see Women’s sports bicycles have the same color scheme as sports bicycles for men.

The trend of women using bicycles is more and more, which is why bicycle manufacturers are constantly changing designs so that sports bicycles can reach women the fastest. .

On some versions of the sport bikes more details and accessories have been omitted to make it lighter and simpler than the sports bike for men. Along with extremely reasonable prices go hand in hand with quality, many samples cheap female sports bicycles has become a hot item for women.

2. Top 4 cheap female sports bikes to buy

Twitter, Giant, Catani are all famous bicycle brands, not only constantly introducing the line of sports bicycles for men, but also always innovating and proving their talents when they are constantly born. product lines female sports bicyclesSome of the following vehicles can be mentioned:

  • TWITTER TW-VES.H sports bike priced at 7,799,000 VND

Sport bicycle Twitter TW-VES.H is designed with a curved frame made of an outstanding aluminum alloy. With a lightweight curved frame that makes it easier for women to control the car.

In addition, the car is equipped with oil brakes that are quieter and more durable than the mechanical brakes. Genuine Shimano theme system helps users to convert ling hoat and experience more.

Cheap female sports bicycle
Twitter TW-VES.H cheap female sports bicycle in White, Purple – Pink

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Vehicle weight of 13.5kg is very light for the female player when moving especially when traffic jam. Small 26-inch tires achieve high speed on asphalt. The frame is made of high-grade aluminum alloy that is light, sturdy and durable. The car uses Taiwan Lancer disc brakes, safe brakes even in weather and slippery terrain.

The 24-hole alloy wheel rim is mounted on two floors with sturdy studs that withstand shock well. Sports seat cushion for a comfortable feeling without being ruffled over long distances. The Shimano TX51 front-shift shifter and Shimano M360 rear-shift shifter offer a maximum experience that’s extremely flexible regardless of the terrain. The fork can be locked and adjusted so that the user can be more proactive, suitable for each terrain.

The car is designed with 3 main colors that girls like: Black – Purple – White, White – Pink – Purple, White – Blue – Green.

  • Trinx K024 sports bicycle price 3,199,000 VND

In 2016, Trinx has launched a completely new sports bike model and is suitable for people with a height of 1m3-1m5 and suitable for students, students and girls. Vehicles used to go to school, go out and have special color options are: white – red black, Red, Blue, Black – Yellow gray, Red – black.

Cheap cheap female sports bicycle
Women’s sports bikes for women Trinx K024

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The frame size is 24 ″ * 13 ″ suitable for people with a height limited from 1.3m. The car is light weight due to the characteristic MTB frame made from super light high-grade alloy steel. The fork is also made of sturdy and strong alloy steel that can handle shock well. The powerful movement with a high-grade aluminum alloy Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L disc, combined with Kmc C50-7S chain and Trinx Steel 14-28T-7S sprocket precisely moves. The Shimano SL-TX30 3 * 7 = 21-speed shift lever combined with Trinx FD-10TD front shift lever and Shimano RD-TZ40 rear shift lever for maximum experience of speed, flexible gearshifts and more rhythmic.

The engine brake system works quite safely and effectively even when traveling in slippery weather conditions. HUb premium aluminum alloy withstands heavy pull and load.

  • Catani ATX 550 sports bike priced at 2,850,000 VND

As one of the items in the cheap car line, the catani attracts women by its extremely strong and dynamic design. The vehicle is designed with a steel alloy frame, a baga guard at the back with a payload up to 50kg and the car is equipped with a 21-speed Sunrun movement with mechanical disc brakes.

Cheap women's sports bicycles
Cheap Catani ATX 550 women’s sport bike Black – Green

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The car that scored the first point was an extremely robust design with a brushed steel alloy frame. Details such as the forks, handlebars, turbochargers and saddle piles are all made of steel alloy. Even so, the weight is still very light as an aluminum alloy frame. The movement is equipped with a combination of SHINANO 21 Speed ​​handlebar and Sunrun front and rear axle for a more speedy experience for the operator.

Mechanical disc brakes are anti-slip well when traveling in rainy weather conditions or sandy roads. Standard 2-layer aluminum rims with good wind tear help achieve high speed when traveling in the city.

  • Giant Ineed 1500 city bicycle price 5,300,000 VND

Rated as one of the cars that make women fall in love with both feminine and sporty style. The car is equipped with an extremely light aluminum alloy frame ALUXX with a 7-speed Shimano theme, front and rear rim brakes. The frame is designed with a recess and the water bottle holder is very convenient and neat.

Giant ineed 1500 women's bike sport and personality
Giant ineed 1500 women’s bike sport and personality

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In addition, parts such as handlebars, stubs, and saddle piles are used as genuine Giants. With a very elegant, cream-white paint color, it quickly captured the hearts of not only women but also the world of bicycle lovers.

The current World Bicycle is a unit specialized in providing lines cheap female sports bicycles nationwide. With a warranty policy of up to 5 years with a multitude of incentives such as: Offering 2 years of free maintenance, 50% reduction in transportation costs to remote provinces, gifting accessories when buying a car: mini repair kit , water bottle – water bottle holder. Hopefully we will become a companion with you on the long journey.

If you still wonder about choosing the right sports bike, you can consult more about the buy a sports bike Experienced experts to choose the car that is most satisfying. We encourage customers to come to Bicycles World to experience the latest range of sports bicycles and get more detailed advice.

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